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Maximize Operational Efficiency And Cut Costs With AI-Powered Video Surveillance For Commercial Manufacturing

April 9, 2024

In today’s competitive landscape, commercial manufacturers face a myriad of challenges, from optimizing operational efficiency to cutting costs without compromising security. In this environment, the integration of AI-powered video surveillance systems has emerged as a transformative solution.  By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), manufacturers…

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Understanding storage requirements is key to making the most of your video surveillance system and ensuring the safety of footage.

Jan 10 2023

How Much Video Storage Is Enough?

One of the major benefits of having a video surveillance system on your business or personal property is knowing that should a crime ever occur, you will have indisputable video evidence of it. However, simply capturing footage of a break-in, theft, or act of vandalism is not enough. You also have to safely store it.…
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Dec 20 2022

Is Your Video Security Footage Usable In Court?

There are countless upsides to installing a video surveillance system on your business or personal property. However, there are two overarching benefits that ultimately protect you in two distinct scenarios. Before any break-in, theft, or other illegal action can occur, having video surveillance systems has been shown to reduce the chance of crime by 50%…
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Resolute Partners - Three Video Cameras Pointing at Santa - Six Video Surveillance Maintenance Tips to Catch Santa on Camera - Video Security Systems

Dec 11 2022

Six Video Surveillance Maintenance Tips to Catch Santa on Camera

Video surveillance system maintenance isn’t at the top of anyone’s holiday list, but if you want to catch Santa on camera this Christmas these tips will help.
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Dec 5 2022

Learning From The Pelosi Break-In: Surveillance Redundancies Are Key For Safeguarding Properties Against Threats

It is not uncommon for lawmakers in the U.S. to receive threats. But, amidst our increasingly turbulent political climate, the frequency of these instances has only ballooned. In 2016, when former President Donald Trump entered office, Capitol Police recorded 900 threats of violence. Afterward, that number only grew to over 9,600 cases in 2021– with…
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Resolute Partners - Server Rack - Use RAID To Safeguard Critical Video Security Images - Security Camera System

Aug 9 2022

Use RAID To Safeguard Critical Video Security Images

Network Video Recorders, also known as NVRs, are physical devices that record and store secure video footage on a hard disk or mass storage device. These systems are extremely flexible since they can support just a few cameras to thousands on the same network in an enterprise-grade application. Still, this viable security storage option is not…
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Resolute Partners - Touch Screen Security - How Intercom Systems Provide A New Level Of Security - Security Systems

Jul 25 2022

How Intercom Systems Provide A New Level Of Security

The first telephone-based intercom system was created and patented by the Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company in 1894. Since then, the two-way communication systems have rapidly evolved and improved alongside technological advancements. Most recently, IP intercoms were designed to transmit audio and video between two parties over the internet. These advanced capabilities have changed the…
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Resolute Partners - Facial Recognition - The Pros & Cons Of Facial Recognition - Security Systems

Jul 11 2022

The Pros & Cons Of Facial Recognition

The concept of facial recognition got its start in the 1960s when Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe devised a system to classify photographs of faces. Since then, technological advancements have arguably pushed this feature to be one of the most powerful security tools ever created. Now, facial recognition is the most commonly used method to unlock smartphones,…
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Resolute Partners - License Plate Cameras - Is License Plate Recognition Right For Your Property? - Security Systems

Jul 5 2022

Is License Plate Recognition Right For Your Property?

Have you ever considered license plate recognition technology as a viable security option? The truth is that numerous kinds of businesses and government enterprises can benefit from this feature– whether that be through the management of parking, ensuring no unauthorized people enter your property, or having solid video evidence in the event of a security…
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Resolute Partners - Cyber Security

Jun 29 2022

Cloud Surveillance or On-Premises NVR?

Investing in cloud surveillance or an on-premises NVR is a great way to secure your business assets. But, how your security feed is recorded and later stored will differ depending on your system. Choosing the setup that makes the most sense for your business is all that matters. So, let’s discuss the differences between traditional…
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Resolute Partners - Video Security - Take Control Of Your Video Security– Part 2 - Security Systems

Jun 20 2022

Take Control Of Your Video Security– Part 2

In our last post, we discussed the prevalence of security system hacks, the different ways that hackers can infiltrate your security network, and the back-end procedures that security systems developers already have in place to prevent access breaches. We also broached the topic of how you can protect your privacy. This week, we have plunged…
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