Integrate IoT Devices To Enhance The Functionality Of Your Video Network

Over the past decade, IoT– or the “Internet of Things”– has revolutionized numerous business sectors by increasing accessibility and enhancing functionality. The security sector has significantly benefited from this boom, too, since adding IoT devices to a robust video surveillance network can allow for countless complements– including real-time monitoring, increased automation, enhanced analytics, improved integration, remote access, and more. 

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT essentially refers to a network of physical objects and devices that are embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity– enabling them to collect and transmit data over the internet. 

Since IoT technology allows devices to communicate with each other and with other systems, users can access valuable insights, enjoy automation, improve efficiency, and make better-informed decisions. 

The possible applications of IoT are practically endless, but they are especially valuable in the security sector. Nearly every industry– from healthcare, transportation, and agriculture to food services, finance, and energy– can benefit from an IoT-enhanced video surveillance network. 

IoT Devices Offer Countless Opportunities

Once a powerful video surveillance network is in place, IoT devices only increase functionality and overall security. There are devices for nearly all needs in various environments– such as air pressure detection in health care institutions, light, temperature, and humidity monitoring in renewable energy, air quality sensors for financial institutions, and soil moisture detection in agriculture. One of Resolute’s customers even avoided a $75,000 mold remediation expense by triggering a high humidity alert within a single apartment complex.

This empowers video surveillance network owners to essentially expand and optimize their networks and systems based on specific needs. Some common examples of IoT devices include smart cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors, and smart locks.

Smart cameras, for instance, have the ability to detect motion, recognize faces, and analyze video footage in real-time. Users can also program smart cameras to transmit alerts when specific events occur– such as an individual entering a restricted area. 

Motion sensors similarly detect movement and prompt cameras to begin recording afterward. These sensors also allow for enhanced security since they can be programmed to trigger alarms or other security protocols once motion is detected. 

Additionally, door and window sensors help protect entrances by alerting your security network whenever a door or window is open or closed. In these instances, the sensors can also trigger video recording to start if a possible intrusion is detected. 

Finally, smart locks enable users to remotely control and monitor property access– allowing you to grant or deny entry to specific areas. Much like smart cameras, these sensors can also be programmed to send alerts whenever an individual enters a restricted area. 

5 Critical Ways IoT Devices Improve Security 

Regardless of the IoT devices you choose for your video surveillance network, you will enjoy improved network effectiveness in five key areas. 

Primarily, IoT devices allow for real-time monitoring of property assets– giving you peace of mind that any breaches will be quickly detected and threat responses can be promptly deployed. 

In enterprise-grade environments, IoT devices can also streamline and automate numerous tasks that security employees were previously required to perform manually. For instance, turning on lights, locking down areas, and triggering alarms. This protects personnel, reduces the need for human intervention, and can improve your team’s response time to potential threats. 

The ability of IoT devices to collect and analyze data from various sources– including video feeds, sensors, and other devices– can also enable security personnel to better understand day-to-day operations. That way, in the event of a potential threat, discrepancies will be noticed quickly and can be more effectively responded to. 

Likewise, IoT devices can be integrated with other critical systems– such as fire alarms or control systems– to create a more comprehensive security network. And in the event of a potential threat, this integration will allow for a more coordinated security response while reducing the risk of false alarms. 

Finally, IoT devices can be accessed remotely. Not only does this allow security personnel to monitor property assets from anywhere at any time, but your security network will also gain increased flexibility and scalability. 

How Resolute Partners Can Enhance Your Network With IoT

Resolute Partners is proud to work with Monitt, the leader in IoT remote monitoring solutions and wireless sensors. We can integrate over 80 wireless sensors for all of your security needs– ranging from vehicle detection, water leak detection, and temperature sensors to voltage detection, button press, and motion and occupancy sensors. 

RESOLUTE Partners offers Commercial Surveillance Systems, Live Video Monitoring Services, and video security solutions for commercial and government enterprises. Contact Us to learn more.

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