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Live video monitoring is having the analytics on your cameras and NVRs send footage to a remote Central Monitoring Station where live operators review the video images and determine if an incident is taking place that requires property management, or first responder, actions to be taken.

If your current video surveillance system has smart analytics or AI you will not likely need anything else. If you have an older system w/o smart analytics or AI then we can install a small AI appliance to analyze and route event alerts. The only requirement is a suitable internet connection be provided with a static IP address.

VSaaS is a complete turnkey video security management solution that includes all hardware, software, surveillance storage, live video monitoring services, System Cybersecurity and system maintenance and support for a fixed monthly fee. This avoids any unexpected costs and frees up staff to focus on other issues. An ideal and cost-effective solution for any enterprise, VSaaS enables organizations to lock in ongoing video security costs upfront.

Yes, Resolute Partners can design, install and maintain your video surveillance network.  Managing a network can consist of applying software updates, physical inspections, repairs, user management and more.

This is a challenging question and will require you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.  Today’s IP Cameras run on CAT5e or CAT6 while older analog cameras use a coax cable and a separate power cable.  The cost of removing and installing new cabling can be significant though and is often the largest factor of a project.  The advantages of the IP system are increased image quality, increased coverage from wide or Multi-lens and digital zoom.  The disadvantage is the upfront cost, and it is more complex to manage. 

Yes, consider Live Video Monitoring as an option.  With this service a real person will monitor your cameras for incidents and take the appropriate actions.  Police and first responders can be notified immediately.  With speakers installed, a voice down can be conducted that is effective in preventing incidents from happening. 

Your video security network can be leveraged by different roles and levels of your organization.  Identify these needs by getting input from all levels.  A Property Manager may use it to discover property damage.  The Maintenance person may use the footage to see if rains cause flooding.  A Regional manager may want to verify vendors are completing paid tasks.  While Corp may use it for oversight to check on personnel.

A video surveillance network is an investment.  Actual costs are based on the requirements of coverage areas, quality and video retention.

The monthly service date begins on the anniversary date of their service start date via Stripe invoicing.

Wi-Fi is not needed, but you will need an Internet connection to allow for Live Video Monitoring

No. We use the smart analytics in our appliance or you’re your system to send alerts to our Central Station. When an alert is triggered a live person will observe the activities and determine what actions are to be taken based on the Properties requirements.

An alert is a notification sent to us that something is occurring that is not desired. For example of you have an area where no one should be after midnight and a camera sees a person, an alert is triggered and we will view the activity in real time.

Another example is if there should be no groups of 3 or more after 10pm in a certain area, if a group congregates an alert is triggered.

We can notify whoever you would like us to notify. Certain events might trigger a call to your property manager or GM. Other alerts might trigger a call to the Police. We will work with you to set the procedures and protocols to meet your particular needs.

Guards are an important part of your local security, but they can only be in one place at a time. Cameras with live video monitoring typically support your foot patrols by giving them “eyes” in places they are not at when an event occurs and giving them real time information to protect your property and the guard.

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