VSaaS Managed Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) - a managed video security solution that provides security camera monitoring and alerts, system cybersecurity and equipment maintenance, video storage, and technical support.

In addition to the design and installation of custom commercial surveillance systems, Resolute Partners offers Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), which delivers a full-service managed video security solution at a fixed monthly cost. VSaaS managed video surveillance is available to commercial businesses and enterprises nationwide. This service includes 24-7 security camera monitoring, real-time suspicious activity alerts to staff or first responders, and the storage and remote viewing of security video recordings. Our VSaaS services also include ongoing hardware and software cybersecurity, network and equipment maintenance, a client portal and client technical support.

Resolute Partners VSaaS managed video surveillance services provide a low-cost, proactive, and complete video security solution.

Stopping security issues before they get out of hand means recognizing, reviewing, and taking action without delay. After installing a new video security system, hiring staff to monitor video surveillance, respond to alerts, and perform video system updates and equipment maintenance isn't a sustainable cost option for every enterprise.  VSaaS is a complete video security system management solution that enables organizations to lock in ongoing video storage, camera monitoring, and system maintenance costs upfront and ensure their new system is cyber secure and well maintained.

Managed Video Surveillance Can Help:

· Prevent crime and deter negative behavior · Reduce security staffing costs · Improve security incident response time · Reduce liability and insurance costs

VSaaS is an Ideal Solution for:

Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops · Schools and Campuses · Apartment Complexes · Multi-family Residential Properties · Commercial Construction Sites · Marinas · Warehouses

Time for a System Upgrade?

We upgrade aging video security systems with equipment and software solutions from our partners at Avigilon, Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, and Uniview.

Surveillance System Management Solutions that Fit Your Budget

An advanced commercial surveillance system combined with Resolute Partners VSaaS managed video surveillance services is a complete and affordable video security solution. Our team can design, install, operate, monitor, and maintain a high quality system that fits just about any organization's needs. If you need help finding the ideal system for your budget, and would like to learn more about Resolute Partners VSaaS managed video surveillance services, contact us or complete our video solution survey.

Frequently asked questions about Managed VSaaS