Resolute Partners Advanced Network Solutions

Resolute Partners Provides Advanced Network Solutions and Network Engineering Services to U.S. Enterprises

Resolute Partners advanced network solutions include the engineering, design, installation, and operation of advanced networks. We engineer future ready wired and wireless networks including data communication networks, networks for energy management systems, Wi-Fi internet access networks, and video surveillance networks. Additionally, our team provides network engineering expertise and IoT integration services that meet critical commercial and government enterprise needs. Our custom engineered network solutions improve operating efficiencies and help agencies, organizations, and enterprises capitalize on new opportunities. Together with our partners, we make internal network, external network, network security, data communications, Internet access, IoT integrations, cybersecurity, video security, and energy management effortless.

As an enterprise IoT integration services provider, we supply, install, connect, and securely integrate advanced wired and wireless IoT solutions and IoT devices used for environmental, power, safety, and security applications.

We engineer and install reliable and scalable commercial video surveillance systems and provide ongoing security camera monitoring, maintenance, and support to deliver a managed video surveillance solution at a fixed monthly cost.

We provide high-reliability, cost-efficient, and secure guest wifi and commercial wireless network solutions. Our commercial wifi and enterprise wifi solutions portfolio includes military installations, hospitals, and campuses.

We provide advanced cybersecurity systems and security engineering expertise to government agencies. Additionally, we design, install, and secure mission assets within the Federal Government's Risk Management Framework.

We design, engineer, install, and provide ongoing support for monitoring environmental network equipment and system loads. We adjust operations to optimize energy usage and respond to demand response signals.

We design reliable, secure, encrypted, and cost-efficient, wired and wireless networks that meet Government security requirements (FIPS, NIST, RMF) and are suitable for energy management control systems (EMCS).

Our advanced network services and network engineering expertise help organizations acheive operational excellence.

Resolute Partners advanced network services and network engineering expertise has been helping commercial and government enterprises achieve operational excellence since 1997.  Our history includes experience working with:

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Commercial and Industrial Enterprises

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State, Local, and Federal Governments

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Military and Defense Industries and Agencies

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Public and Private Schools and Universities

Our Recent Project Highlights

Designed, engineered, and installed a 37-camera video security system with ongoing video monitoring as part of Video Surveillance as a Service at the Village of Lakeview, Edgewood MD.

Designed, engineered, and installed a 44-camera video security system and 100-camera intercom system at Mt. Pleasant Apartments in Roxbury MA, and provides video camera monitoring.

Installed high security networks for Energy Management Control projects at Dugway Proving Grounds, Fort Irwin National Training Center, Tooele Army Depot, and 29 Palms.

Deployed six high security networks for the Defense Media Activity that included accreditation using the DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) cyber security process.

Designed, engineered, and installed a 20-building Wi-Fi network to provide Veterans Guest Internet Access (VGIA) for the Palo Alto Health Care System and provide support.

Resolute was an early leader in designing, engineering, installing, and supporting 40 Health Care Systems guest Wi-Fi by providing Veterans Guest Internet Access networks.