Automotive Dealership Advanced Security

Drive Success with Better Surveillance

Protect your vehicles from theft and vandalism with comprehensive remote video surveillance that effectively deters crime, safeguards against potential threats, and provides peace of mind.

Advanced Security Solutions

By integrating streamlined access, video surveillance, and cutting-edge security solutions, auto dealerships and rental car lots can enhance the safety and security of their operations, ensuring protection for their valuable inventory of vehicles, equipment, and customer data. Discover how our auto dealership security solutions and monitoring, offer proactive measures for mitigating risks and maintaining a secure environment for both staff and customers.

Live Video Monitoring

Our fully trained team of surveillance professionals are here to keep an eye on your dealership. So you can rest easy knowing your inventory is always protected from theft or vandalism.


Managed Video Security

Receive suspicious activity alerts, secure storage, and remote viewing of video recordings. Our comprehensive service includes ongoing cloud security, maintenance, and technical support.


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System Upgrades

We will upgrade your outdated video security systems with cutting-edge AI-based equipment and software solutions from our trusted partners to enhance the efficacy, reliability, and security of your video surveillance systems.


Why Advanced Security Solutions?

Resolute Partners Security Solutions Auto Dealership Rental Car Lots Icons Inventory Protection Theft and Vandalism

Inventory Protection

Prevent costly losses due to theft and vandalism of valuable vehicle inventory. In a matter of minutes, a single night can lead to the loss of thousands of dollars in inventory.

Resolute Partners Security Solutions Auto Dealership Rental Car Lots Icons Reduced Security Expenses

Reduced Security Expenses

Minimize costs on a large number of untrained security guards while maintaining effective security measures to assist and support existing security personnel.

Resolute Partners Security Solutions Auto Dealership Rental Car Lots Icons theft and vandalism prevention

Theft and Vandalism Prevention

Deter crimes before they even occur. Surveillance paired with voice-down, significantly reduces the likelihood of theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.

Resolute Partners Security Solutions Auto Dealership Rental Car Lots Icons fraudulent claims

Fraudulent Claims

Bring fraudulent claims to a halt through the strategic placement of cameras in vulnerable areas like parking lots, showroom floors, service bays, and customer interaction regions. Also providing concrete evidence to counter false claims, keeping your reputation sound.

Resolute Partners Security Solutions Auto Dealership Rental Car Lots Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity

Management can monitor employee activities, identify areas for improvement, and provide necessary feedback or training to optimize performance, leading to increased productivity.

24/7 Live Video
Surveillance Monitoring

Our remote live video surveillance services provide trained professionals to monitor your dealership's security systems overnight and on weekends, so you can rest with peace of mind knowing any security incidents or breaches are promptly detected and addressed. Allowing you to focus on running your dealership

It's time to enhance your security.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your automotive dealership's video surveillance requirements. We are here to help tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.