Warehouse Advanced Security Systems

Distribution and Logistics Surveillance

Experience the power of advanced surveillance as a proactive solution for warehouses. The comprehensive on-site coverage reduces liability, can reduce insurance costs, provide more efficient monitoring, and increases emergency response times.

Advanced Security Solutions

Advanced security solutions effectively address critical challenges in warehouses, including the prevention of cargo theft, liability mitigation, inventory theft prevention, and the monitoring of incoming and outgoing fleets. In addition to providing valuable video evidence for incident reporting and investigations, these solutions also ensure compliance and improve overall security and operational efficiency.

Live Video Monitoring

Our highly skilled team of surveillance professionals is dedicated to providing round-the-clock monitoring for your warehouse, offering peace of mind and ensuring that your facility is always protected.


Managed Video Security

Receive suspicious activity alerts, secure storage, and remote viewing of video recordings. Our comprehensive service includes ongoing cloud security, maintenance, and technical support.


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System Upgrades

We will upgrade your outdated video security systems with cutting-edge AI-based equipment and software solutions from our trusted partners to enhance the efficacy, reliability, and security of your video surveillance systems.


How does enhanced security pay for itself?

Theft and Crime Deterrence

By preventing theft and reducing losses from internal theft, advanced security can save a warehouse money in terms of stolen inventory, damaged property, and potential disruption to operations.

Staff Safety

Prioritize the safety of staff by creating a secure working environment and reducing the risk of harm. Minimize the likelihood of costly workers' compensation claims or legal liabilities, and foster a positive working culture.

Government Compliant

Depending on your industry, surveillance may be required in order to follow government regulations and remain compliant. Safeguard the warehouse reputation, permits, and certifications. While also avoiding potential litigation or legal consequences.

Reduced Insurance

Warehouses with advanced security systems are often considered lower risk by insurance companies and may qualify for lower insurance premiums. Insurance providers may offer discounts or reduced rates for warehouses who implement comprehensive security measures.

24/7 Live Video
Surveillance Monitoring

Our remote live video surveillance services provide trained professionals to monitor your warehouse or distribution center's security systems overnight and on weekends, so you can rest with peace of mind knowing any security incidents or breaches are promptly detected and addressed.

It's time to enhance your security.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your distribution center's video surveillance requirements. We are here to help tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.