Live Video Monitoring Services

Resolute Partners live video monitoring services provide a professional real-time security camera monitoring solution.

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Live Video Monitoring

Our fully trained surveillance monitoring professionals provide nightly live security camera monitoring of preferred business security cameras from 11 pm - 7 am, seven days a week.

Half of crimes against
businesses happen at night.

Many businesses can monitor video surveillance cameras during regular daytime office hours, but few have personnel to watch them overnight. Unfortunately, half of robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and property crimes happen at night. Most business surveillance camera systems, if they are working, simply capture and record crimes. Although video security can deter some criminal activity, unmonitored surveillance does nothing to stop a crime in progress.

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Fast response and suspicious activity alerts with video.

Resolute Partners trained video security surveillance monitoring professionals can quickly spot suspicious activity captured by business security cameras. We review live video to determine if criminal behavior is suspected. If suspicious actions are occurring, we alert you or local authorities right away. Alerts are sent to customers by email, and we include a video clip of the incident for immediate review.


Through a self-installed remote monitoring (REMO) device, our video security professionals can access and monitor the cameras you choose. Shipped directly to your business, REMO works with most brands of business security cameras operating on a CCTV (records on a DVD/NVR) or cloud-based system. Once installed, we can begin remote surveillance monitoring service in as little as 1 business day.


Resolute Partners video security team will then remotely monitor business security cameras nightly from 11 pm to 7 am, 7 days a week. During live remote video monitoring, our team may notice that a camera is not providing optimal viewing ability. If this happens, we will notify you.


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