Cannabis Advanced Security Systems

Surveillance In The Marijuana Industry

Stay compliant, protect against theft, and maintain the integrity of operations at your cannabis dispensaries, grows, marijuana farms, or distribution centers through advanced video security solutions.

Advanced Security Solutions

With comprehensive surveillance coverage and real-time monitoring, advanced video security solutions counteract theft while simultaneously gathering valuable video evidence relating to incidents, thus ensuring employee and customer safety within your cannabusiness.

Live Video Monitoring

Our highly skilled team of surveillance professionals arededicated to providing round-the-clock monitoring for your property, offering peace of mind and ensuring that your facility is always protected.


Managed Video Security

Receive suspicious activity alerts, secure storage, and remote viewing of video recordings. Our comprehensive service includes ongoing cloud security, maintenance, and technical support.


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System Upgrades

We will upgrade your outdated video security systems with cutting-edge AI-based equipment and software solutions from our trusted partners to enhance the efficacy, reliability, and security of your video surveillance systems.


How does enhanced security pay for itself?

Crime Prevention

Effectively deter potential threats such as theft, robberies, and fraudulent activities. Minimize the risk of financial losses and provide a robust layer of protection for valuable cannabis products, equipment, and other crucial assets.

Government Compliant

By implementing robust security systems, cannabis businesses can effectively maintain compliance, proactively prevent legal complications, and safeguard  licenses and reputation. Stay protected against potential risks and liabilities associated with non-compliance.

24/7 Live Video
Surveillance Monitoring

Our remote live video surveillance services provide trained professionals to monitor your cannabis dispensary, marijuana farm, or distribution center's security systems overnight and on weekends, so you can rest with peace of mind knowing any security incidents or breaches are promptly detected and addressed.

It's time to enhance your security.

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your dispensary's video surveillance requirements. We are here to help tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.