A business man standing in front of a large computer wall screen looking at risk management trends

Advanced Video Security Reduces Risk

In business, the potential for unforeseen risk looms everywhere. Fortunately, preventable losses are avoidable losses, and companies are learning that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking a proactive approach to operational and security risk management is the most efficient way to mitigate risks. Proactive real-time solutions, including AI-based video surveillance cameras and advanced data analytics, are helping enterprises detect and mitigate risks quickly.

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What the Federal Government’s Ban of Chinese Tech means for Contractors and Commercial Companies

The Blacklist Clause Impact on Companies

What is the Blacklist Clause? The “Blacklist Clause” is, in layman’s terms, a simplified reference to Sec. 889(a)(1)(B) of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 which takes effect on August 13, 2020. The statute explicitly prohibits executive agencies from “entering into, extending, or renewing contracts with any entity that uses any equipment, system, or…

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