Cloud Surveillance or On-Premises NVR?

Investing in cloud surveillance or an on-premises NVR is a great way to secure your business assets. But, how your security feed is recorded and later stored will differ depending on your system. Choosing the setup that makes the most sense for your business is all that matters. So, let’s discuss the differences between traditional…

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5 Benefits Of LIVE Video Monitoring

Business owners know that the element of surprise can be costly. In turn, teams often work to fight against the most commonly thought of disruptions– for example, delayed shipments, subpar product quality, or mismanaged deliverables.  Although, a lesser considered and potentially more financially devastating shock may lie within your property’s security surveillance. You can never…

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IP video surveillance cameras in a building

Why Upgrade a CCTV System to Cloud Based Video Surveillance

Thanks to modern advancements in security technology, there are more reasons than ever to upgrade from an analog video surveillance system to an IP (internet protocol) video system. Here are five reasons why upgrading analog video systems with IP tech is a smart investment.

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