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Maximize Operational Efficiency And Cut Costs With AI-Powered Video Surveillance For Commercial Manufacturing

April 9, 2024

In today’s competitive landscape, commercial manufacturers face a myriad of challenges, from optimizing operational efficiency to cutting costs without compromising security. In this environment, the integration of AI-powered video surveillance systems has emerged as a transformative solution.  By harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and leveraging cloud-based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), manufacturers…

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Resolute Partners - Security Camera - Are Your Security Cameras At Risk Of Hacking? - Security Systems

Jun 13 2022

Are Your Security Cameras At Risk Of Hacking?

After deciding to invest in a security system, the last thing you want to worry about is hackers. Unfortunately, no security system– whether it be DIY or professionally installed– is completely immune. In fact, any device that has internet access can theoretically be hacked. Nonetheless, there are numerous best practices that, when implemented, can drastically…
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Resolute Partners - Video Monitoring - 5 Benefits Of LIVE Video Monitoring - Video Security Monitoring

Jun 6 2022

5 Benefits Of LIVE Video Monitoring

Business owners know that the element of surprise can be costly. In turn, teams often work to fight against the most commonly thought of disruptions– for example, delayed shipments, subpar product quality, or mismanaged deliverables.  Although, a lesser considered and potentially more financially devastating shock may lie within your property’s security surveillance. You can never…
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Resolute Partners - Video Security Cost - What is the True Cost of Your Video Security System? - Video Security Systems

May 31 2022

What is the True Cost of Your Video Security System?

Any reasonable business owner would be apprehensive about adding expenses that hurt their bottom line, but when it comes to security, the savings add up by being protected from future losses. Securing your business is a small financial trade-off in which you are choosing manageable payments that fit within your budget for protection that helps…
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Resolute Partners - IP Video Surveillance Cameras in a Building - Why Upgrade a CCTV System to Cloud Based Video Surveillance - Video Security Systems

Jul 25 2021

Why Upgrade a CCTV System to Cloud Based Video Surveillance

Thanks to modern advancements in security technology, there are more reasons than ever to upgrade from an analog video surveillance system to an IP (internet protocol) video system. Here are five reasons why upgrading analog video systems with IP tech is a smart investment.
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Resolute Partners - Image of IOT Technologies Surrounding A Handheld Mobile Phone - Remotely Monitor Operations in Real Time with IoT Technology - Security Systems

Mar 25 2021

Remotely Monitor Operations in Real Time with IoT Technology

Future ready real-time remote monitoring solutions use IoT technology to monitor assets, enabling organizations to efficiently manage operations.
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Resolute Partners - IoT in the Forefront of a Smart City at Night - Smart Building IoT Devices That Help Organizations Save Money - Smart Devices

Feb 19 2021

Smart Building IoT Devices That Help Organizations Save Money

IoT technology use is increasing worldwide because advanced devices are providing the real-time data collection tools and Cloud-based analytics solutions that organizations need. Multiple businesses and enterprises are discovering that investing in IoT smart building technology helps optimize resources and save money.
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Resolute Partners - Energy Management and Information System Control Center - What are Energy Management and Information Systems? - Energy Management

Feb 9 2021

What are Energy Management and Information Systems?

Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) are broadly defined as software, data acquisition hardware, and communication systems used to manage building energy use. Comprised of devices, hardware, software, services, and analysis tools, EMIS are helping enterprises reduce building energy costs and significantly lower their carbon footprint.
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A business man standing in front of a large computer wall screen looking at risk management trends

Oct 22 2020

Advanced Video Security Reduces Risk

In business, the potential for unforeseen risk looms everywhere. Fortunately, preventable losses are avoidable losses, and companies are learning that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking a proactive approach to operational and security risk management is the most efficient way to mitigate risks. Proactive real-time solutions, including AI-based video surveillance cameras and advanced data analytics, are helping enterprises detect and mitigate risks quickly.
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A dome smart video surveillance camera monitoring students at school

Oct 9 2020

Boost School Safety with Smart Video Surveillance

Today's HD cameras and AI-based software and analytics do significantly more than simply relay and record video. Smart video surveillance systems can recognize suspicious behavior, flag unwanted persons, identify unsafe objects, and even identify elevated temperatures.  Additionally, these systems immediately alert school safety monitors with live-video of the person, object or unsafe event.
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A woman's face being captured and analyzed by facial recognition video security software.

Sep 22 2020

AI-driven Video Security Systems High ROI

Traditional safety and security methods typically blend on-site security guards, security patrols, and surveillance cameras that relay captured video to a recording device. Nowadays, modern security camera technology and advanced software functionality allow today’s AI-driven video security systems to deliver the higher ROI.
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