5 Benefits Of LIVE Video Monitoring

Business owners know that the element of surprise can be costly. In turn, teams often work to fight against the most commonly thought of disruptions– for example, delayed shipments, subpar product quality, or mismanaged deliverables. 

Although, a lesser considered and potentially more financially devastating shock may lie within your property’s security surveillance. You can never predict a break-in, nor when someone may decide to trespass and vandalize your business. These occurrences might feel far off. But, there are actually 2.5 million burglaries every single year in the United States. An overwhelming theme of the victims? Nearly fifty percent do not have video security systems. 

Moreover, not all surveillance systems are made equal. Static systems may allow you to review footage and identify an invader’s face or catch their license plate. But, live video monitoring allows users to be much more proactive in their defense. Rather than being a reactive force after a devastating incident, live monitoring allows for instantaneous warning flags and alerts to be sent directly to business owners and for police to be dispatched while the incident is happening. Plus, there are countless other advantages that will ensure this long-term investment saves you time and money.


Your business stands tall twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week– even if it is not currently operating. So, your in-place security system should do the same. Businesses have traditionally used on-site security guards who monitor video feedback and make rounds of the premises. But, keeping these security teams in place around the clock can be extremely costly. 

In fact, on-site security guards range from 25% to 50% more expensive than remote guards. Much like how COVID-19 pushed the corporate workforce to realize that remote work is just as doable, if not more productive, security systems have taken a similar route. By moving to live video monitoring you can dramatically improve your business’s bottom line by cutting high labor costs

No Breaks? No Problem

Human error is a very real thing. And these costly mistakes– regardless of if they are accidents or untimely coincidences– are undoubtedly avoidable. An in-person security team may feel like the traditional and trusted practice. But, distracted or on-break security guards have been the cause of numerous security breaches in the past. Moreover, the long hours spent in solitude can erode mental alertness and care. 

On the other hand, live video monitoring does not cease if someone needs to grab a coffee or use the restroom. Remote digital guards can quickly communicate with other staff and insert a relief guard to monitor your business. Thus, the continuous supply of mentally fresh and ready guards will prevent unforeseen circumstances from disrupting your property’s security

Lower Incident Rates

Did you know that live video monitoring has been found to reduce crimes by 50%? This statistic speaks to numerous factors. First and foremost, much like humans are bound to error, humans are also prone to instinctually natural feelings. Fear and intimidation are virtually eliminated when using remote live video monitoring systems. Without one’s feeling of safety being threatened, digital guards are able to take quick and clear decisive action. Additionally, the guards are able to track unwanted visitors wherever they travel in camera view on the property in real-time– aiding in police detention and charging. 

And after the fact, tales of this strong live video monitoring system will often detour future unwanted visitors. At the end of the day, perpetrators do not want to get caught. If they know that your business is strongly surveilled, twenty-four hours a day, they are likely to pick a less risky target.

Every Property Area Can Be Covered

Live video monitoring services allow remote guards to access your entire remote video network. In turn, guards can view numerous video feeds in real time from a centralized location. This setup allows for your entire property to be viewed at all times. Moreover, if a threat does surface, guards can view the threat from all possible angles. This will allow a more informed police team to de-escalate the threat by following the perpetrator’s every move and cutting off potential exits. 

The Quicker The Response, The Less Damage 

The faster the apprehension of perpetrators, the better. So, if a threat or crime is occurring in real time, a live video monitoring system will be the first to identify it. This quick recognition, coupled with a timely police alert, will only increase the likelihood of apprehension. Plus, if the unwanted threat is a burglary, a faster response time can help ensure your belongings are returned safe and sound. 

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