What is the True Cost of Your Video Security System?

Any reasonable business owner would be apprehensive about adding expenses that hurt their bottom line, but when it comes to security, the savings add up by being protected from future losses. Securing your business is a small financial trade-off in which you are choosing manageable payments that fit within your budget for protection that helps prevent significant losses or disruptions that would otherwise be disastrous and much more costly in the long run. Unlike a policy from an Insurance company that is only useful to recover losses after it’s too late, video security systems provide additional assurance that losses will be prevented. There are almost endless options people can choose from when deciding what types and levels of security are right for them, and it is always in a person’s best interest to consider how they can be proactive now to avoid learning a costly lesson later on. 

Cargo Theft is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry in the United States

The unfortunate truth is that people will steal from you if they believe they can get away with it and make a nice profit at your expense. And when it inevitably happens, police investigations rarely ever lead to arrests, convictions, or the recovery of stolen goods. Without taking the proper precautions it will be the victim who is the bagholder trying to figure out where they went wrong. While insurance is one way to try and recoup costs associated with theft, upgrading your video security system and adding live video monitoring is a great way to prevent it from ever happening in the first place. 

Every year, there are tens of billions of dollars of goods stolen by thieves while in transport. The vulnerability of supply chains is a direct result of lacking security measures that are found elsewhere such as in warehouses and other facilities that are more heavily guarded with technology and personnel. Depending on what your business distributes, thieves can be walking away with massive paydays as a result of an opportunity that would have not existed with proper security measures in place. Overlooking this portion of your business could be financially and emotionally damaging so understanding your vulnerabilities and where thieves may strike is critical for thwarting them. According to the NICB, the top 10 states where these robberies occur are 

1.   California                        6.   Georgia 
2.   Texas 7.   Alabama
3.   Florida 8.   North Carolina 
4.   Illinois 9.   Indiana 
5.   New Jersey10. Missouri 

If conducting business in any of these states, you are more exposed to the risk of theft and should consider measures taken by your business to avoid becoming part of these statistics. 

Extra Security Provides Extra Profit for Landlords. 

Certain safety requirements are mandated by law for multi-dwelling housing such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, and escape routes in case of fire, but adding extra personal security to tenants is an additional selling point to renters that many will consider when deciding where to sign their lease. Protecting tenants is a high priority for landlords because if your building develops a reputation for being unsafe, it will directly affect tenant leasing. Conversely, if your building has a reputation of being a very safe place to live, there will be a higher tenant demand to live in a building where they feel the safety of themselves, loved ones, and possessions are prioritized. 

With less than 30% of stolen property being recovered in the United States, there is a very small chance if a theft occurs in your building it will be resolved justly. With additional video security in buildings, it will not only deter criminals but with live video monitoring, dispatching on-site security guards, or police can often stop the crime. In addition, with proof to provide to the police to expedite their investigation, finding the criminals can be much easier to bring the thief to justice. Safety and security are vital traits for your building. When implementing security measures in your complexes, building your business’s reputation as a desirable place to live will attract more interest from tenants who value safety and are willing to pay for it. 

Security Systems Provide Access to New Information

Sometimes, crimes are committed on or around your property you would have no idea about without access to certain security tools. There may not be theft or vandalism occurring at the time, but there are a number of other instances where monitoring a location could prove beneficial. Trespassers are one example where some may not be causing any harm, but others may have more sinister intentions such as planning illegal operations. Regardless of why they are there, the simple fact is that they should not be. Using security monitoring systems to learn new information about unknown potential threats gives you the upper hand when securing your premises. 

When Buying Security, You Are Investing In Valuable Resources

It can be difficult to justify extra security when viewing it as an extra expense, but with the benefits it provides, it is one of the best investments a person can make for their business. When weighing the options of adding more security vs saving costs and hoping for good luck, it is important to seriously consider what you stand to lose in various circumstances that may be encountered in the future. In addition to this, there is always a degree of uncertainty in the future.

Fortifying your business’s security is an investment that fosters a controlled environment free from outside influence from criminals. Effective security can be costly, but understanding and mapping out the various ways in which your business is vulnerable to all forms of criminal activity will better paint the picture of which measures you should choose to ensure what matters to you most remains safe and protected.

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