Remotely Monitor Operations in Real Time with IoT Technology

Real-time remote monitoring solutions are devices and sensors that utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor and alert users about machines, the environment, or human activities. Often termed “smart home” or “smart building” technology, the demand for real-time monitoring capability through secure networks is skyrocketing. The convenience and cost savings gained from real-time remote monitoring solutions are increasingly valuable and indispensable. Remotely monitoring operations in real-time enable organizations to manage energy use, assets, personnel, and security faster than ever before.

Real-time IoT Technology Offers Rapid Operational Data Delivery and Analysis for Improved Management and Response

The computer and digital ages have given organizations and industries the ability to collect all kinds of data. Until recently, there have been few automated methods to analyze the data being collected. As such, accumulated data is typically stored and later analyzed and interpreted by a human expert. An analog electric meter can collect energy use data, but the collected data in the meter must be read by a technician. Similarly, an analog video security system transmits and records video footage (data) that must be constantly monitored (interpreted) by security personnel.

Real-time remote monitoring technology has modernized data delivery and analysis to supply rapid response capability. Receiving data instantly enables organizations to remotely monitor operations and take action quickly.  Smart electricity meters, for example, give organizations the power to monitor electricity usage every 15 minutes. Real-time video surveillance systems recognize unusual or suspicious activity and immediately alert security personnel. Other real-time IoT technologies include humidity, harmful gas, and water detection sensors that monitor for and alert users to undesirable environmental changes.

Real-time Remote Monitoring Solutions Predict, Prescribe, Augment, and Automate Operational Processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) power IoT advanced monitoring solutions. Smart devices and sensors do more than deliver instant data. New technologies can analyze data in real time, deliver alerts, and take action. Real-time environmental and power monitoring solutions can be programmed to automatically adjust temperature and turn lighting on or off. According to Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2021 report, ML and AI are giving organizations the ability to quickly predict, prescribe, augment, and automate operational processes.

“As part of a growing trend, organizations are deploying new technologies and approaches including advanced data capture and structuring capabilities, analytics to identify connections among random data, and next-generation cloud-based data stores to support complex modeling. Together, these tools and techniques can help them turn growing volumes of data into a future-ready foundation for a new era in which machines will not only augment human decision-making but make real-time and at-scale decisions that humans cannot.”

Future Ready Solutions to Integrate and Unify Multiple Operation Data Stores

Real-time IoT technologies offer more than the capability to remotely monitor operations. These future-ready solutions are enabling organizations to easily integrate and unify multiple data stores. By leveraging connected operations technologies, enterprises can unify critical data to provide real-time insights for managers. Imagine one connected operations platform that can optimize asset use, keep people and assets safe, and be proactive with maintenance. With a better view of operations, managers can make more informed decisions to maximize productivity, improve security, and reduce costs.

Real-time Remote Monitoring Capability is a High Priority

Reactive monitoring through a myriad of non-unified analog systems is becoming a thing of the past. A proactive monitoring approach with real-time data and unified data stores is ideal. IoT technologies with AI and machine learning capabilities help comb through data, track cyclical patterns, flag abnormal behaviors, and predict problems. Real-time remote monitoring capability should be a high priority for organizations looking to improve operations.

Real-time Monitoring Solutions for Enterprises

Resolute Partners offers IoT integration services, energy management system, and video security solutions for commercial and government enterprises. Contact Us to learn more.


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