Costly Property Crimes vs Smart Video Security

Criminal Rioting Acts: The Number One Cause of Costly Property Crimes in 2020

Widespread criminal rioting acts occurring throughout several major U.S. cities in Summer, Fall, and Winter of 2020 has resulted in the most devastating onslaught of costly property crimes unleashed in recent history. By August 15th of 2020, property crime damages stood at an estimated $543 million between the three major cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, and Portland alone. The most costly property crimes perpetrated upon communities during rioting are acts of arson, vandalism, looting, and graffiti.

Low Solve Rates Improve with Video

Millions of dollars are lost to property crimes each year. Sadly, police solve rates for such crimes grimly hovers under 20%. Increasingly, the biggest crime-solving asset available to law enforcement is real-time footage captured by video security systems. Rioters and looters know that video surveillance poses a threat. They also know that face masks, hats, hoodies, stocking caps, sunglasses, or any face-obscuring attire is easy to find. Typically, disguises can make it harder to get caught. But high-definition video cameras and AI-driven software are making the art of disguise an ineffectual and futile pursuit.

Smart Video Security Systems Track Criminals – Even in Disguise

What riot-induced property crime perpetrators didn’t anticipate are the growing number of local businesses, private property, and commercial property owners using smart video security systems. Smart systems recognize and alert parties to unusual or criminal activity. For instance, some video security systems automatically alert local law enforcement; others are set up to alert the owner or security personnel. Virtually all smart system owners willingly share their video footage with local law enforcement.

In addition to city-owned video surveillance networks, access to privately-owned smart video systems is dramatically improving response, arrest, and prosecution. Nowadays, police can quickly identify a perpetrator – even in disguise – and track the suspect’s movements. Augmented by high-quality imaging, law enforcement has clear visibility of a suspect’s attire and actions before, during, and after a crime. When used as evidence, high-resolution video footage is paramount to successful prosecution.

Video Evidence vs Eyewitness Testimony

Unlike traditional CCTV, smart video security systems carry advanced facial recognition and appearance search features. These intelligent features allow trained officers to quickly identify and track perpetrators. Without these smart features, police lose actionable time and valuable resources attempting to find an eyewitness. In the end, eyewitness statements rarely stand up in today’s court of law.

Without video evidence, property owners have little hope for an arrest and prosecution. Ultimately, the prosecution is the best means to recoup monetary losses resulting from property crime. Otherwise, the alternative is to get comfortable with paying increasingly higher annual property insurance premiums for years to come.


  1. Patricia Grenfell on August 26, 2020 at 11:17 am

    I dont understand why they do this. They are ruining our country. We have a big enough problems with the pandemic and people dieing. If you dont we will have many adults and children dieing. Some maybe people you know. If you want to have signs an tell what they think is right then go home. Dont tear the place apart. Too many lives are losing their life.

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