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On the battlefield, the perimeter is your front line of defense, blocking or slowing enemies from intruding. Unfortunately, history has taught us that even the most impenetrable perimeter can still be breached. Likewise, today’s property criminals know that too. As a result, having a perimeter security system in place to protect people and buildings from criminal threats is increasingly critical for site owners.

The Costs and Clearance Rates of Property Crimes

According to the FBI’s 2018 crime statistics, there were over 7 million property crimes in the U.S. that year. Property crimes include arson, burglary, larceny-theft, and motor vehicle theft. Collectively, the victims of those property crimes suffered losses estimated at $16.4 billion. What’s most alarming is that the police clearance rate for those property crimes was a lowly 17.6%.

Perimeter Protection Options

Perimeter protection options can include fences, gates, bollards, berms, security locks, security lighting, alarms, and security guards. Dark or stormy conditions can make securing your perimeter more difficult.

Whether it’s stopping an advancing army or preventing criminals and unauthorized vehicles from entering your site or property, you also need a way to view the action.

State-of-the-Art Visibility

One of the most efficient and cost-effective perimeter protection mechanisms is smart video security system. These systems feature high-quality security cameras with low light or infrared technologies. Above all, state-of-the-art video cameras can identify threats less expensive cameras can’t.

Modernizing or upgrading video surveillance should be one of the highest priorities for site owners. A high-quality smart video surveillance system will protect your perimeter and alert you, your security team, or even law enforcement of a potential breach.

Secured Access Points

Physical barriers are important to perimeter security, but all sites need access points for people and vehicles to come and go. Tracking and securing traffic at all access points requires high-performance security surveillance cameras and intercoms for two-way communication with visitors.

Secured site entry systems should enable security professionals and site operators to quickly identify and easily communicate with a visitor before remotely granting access.

Securing your perimeter can be critical to the immediate and ongoing protection of your site. Deploying video security cameras with clear visibility of the perimeter, alongside access control to limit entry, can collectively mitigate the risk of intrusion.

Ongoing Deterrence of Property Crime

Ultimately, state-of-the-art video surveillance and controlled access points add the final layers of perimeter security to your site. Moreover, they serve as an ongoing means to effectively deter crime. In addition, smart video security systems provide law enforcement with an immediate notification and clear picture of crime perpetrators. As a result, fewer crimes will occur and more property crimes will be solved.

Perimeter Protection Solutions

Resolute Partners works with industry leaders in integrated solutions for video security, access control and critical communications to offer a wide range of AI-based video surveillance solutions to meet every property’s needs. Contact Us to learn more, or request a video security network assessment.

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