How Live Video Monitoring Can Help Keep Your Parking Garage Covered

Parking garages are often bustling centers of activity among both patrons and employees. Yet, these structures present unique challenges when it comes to preserving the safety of your organization, staff, and customers. 

That’s why video surveillance with Live Video Monitoring (LVM) in parking garages has become an essential security strategy component. A robust video monitoring system can help improve security for guests and their belongings, as well as monitor the activities of your employees. While unmonitored cameras may primarily provide evidence after a crime has already been committed, LVM also acts as a deterrent that may prevent break-ins or vandalism. 

Finally, in the event an illegal act is committed, any perpetrators will be caught on camera, and live video monitors can alert in-person security teams, contact authorities, and lockdown critical areas. This rapid response can help secure your property promptly, inform post-incident reports, aid legal proceedings, and decrease the odds that you are held liable for accidents or damage.

Improve Security For Guests & Their Belongings

With the rise of crime and vandalism in various urban areas, it is critical that organizations have comprehensive security systems in place. And deploying video surveillance with Live Video Monitoring within parking garages is one key piece of the puzzle. 

Parking garages make guest transportation convenient and accessible, but they can also be havens for suspicious or illegal activity. However, with strategically placed remotely monitored surveillance cameras throughout a parking structure, you can rest assured that both your guests and their belongings are safeguarded. 

Simply having a surveillance system in place deters crime and makes it significantly more difficult for thieves and other criminals to strike without being noticed. 

But, in the event that a crime is unfortunately committed, your organization will also be covered. Live Video Monitoring perfectly complements on-site security guards, allowing your in-person security team to be quickly notified of any suspicious activity or events. 

This quickened response time can allow your on-site security team to respond to the scene, contact authorities, and secure assets from any perpetrators. 

Afterward, all captured footage can then serve as evidence should need be. For instance, what time a guest parked their car, left their vehicle, and when a crime occurred. Additionally, you may be able to capture identifiable characteristics about the perpetrator, including physical descriptors and a license plate, if they fled the scene by car.

Monitor Employee Activity In The Parking Garage

In addition to safeguarding patrons, video surveillance systems with LVM can also help employers monitor employee and valet activity in parking garages– which are typically hard-to-reach areas for managers to frequent. 

Primarily, this can be useful for tracking employee performance and identifying any areas of improvement. Plus, employers will be alerted if anything seems strange or suspicious since LVM patrols can check for cleanliness, unusual traffic patterns, and unusual foot traffic movement. 

This can help ensure that staff members are following proper procedures and protocols– identifying if certain employees require additional training or support on the job.

Being aware of the happenings inside parking garages will ultimately improve customer service, too, since patrons’ experiences begin the minute they step foot out of their cars. You can also rest assured that, in the event of any incidents, you will be quickly notified by your LVM provider–  allowing you to identify what staff members were on duty, what went wrong, and who was involved.

Prevent And Record Any Break-Ins Or Vandalism

If a criminal sees surveillance cameras placed throughout any area– whether that be a neighborhood street, building, or parking garage– they are less likely to target that location since the risk of getting caught significantly increases. This is exactly why having remotely monitored cameras in parking garages– which can be hard for in-person security guards to monitor alone– is a great way to prevent break-ins and costly vandalism. 

LVM is perfectly suited for late-night, after-hours monitoring, acting as a double layer of protection alongside on-site security teams. Having an understaffed team of security guards– or guards who take breaks or simply step away from monitors– is not an issue. Anything unusual will be detected and reported back to your on-site team immediately. 

Your on-site team will then be able to engage in proper security procedures– assessing entrances, locking down access points, and notifying authorities if needed. 

Finally, by acting as a two-fold system, LVM helps promptly secure your property while also protecting your security guard staff.

It is impossible to guarantee that all instances of crime will be prevented, though. But, even in those instances, property owners will be covered if they have a video surveillance system with Live Video Monitoring in place. 

Security cameras will capture priceless footage that can be used to narrow down timeframes, identify suspects, and work as evidence for any legal proceedings. This footage can also allow your team to conduct a post-incident review to understand how the breach occurred and what security measures can be taken for future prevention. 

Lower Theft Of Valuables From Parked Cars

One of the most common types of crime that occurs in parking garages is theft from parked cars. And this reality not only negatively impacts patrons but could also decrease business if customers are wary of parking safety. 

With LVM in place, however, thieves are less inclined to strike and risk getting caught. LVM patrols can monitor for loitering, unusual foot traffic, and unusual traffic patterns. So, if a criminal sees cameras throughout a parking garage, they may decide to target a different location where their behavior is less likely to trigger alerts.

This helps guests feel safer in their environment and more confident leaving their vehicles in a parking structure. And in the event that an incident does occur, guests will be happy to learn that video footage was captured to aid in the filing of a police report and any claims.

Decrease Liabilities By Recording Footage Of Any Incidents

Lastly, having a parking garage equipped with Live Video Monitoring can protect your organization from much more than a physical crime– it can prevent you from being held liable for any accidents or illegal activities. 

This is especially important if your parking garage is staffed– for instance, with valet service– and employees are regularly interacting with guests and their vehicles. 

Litigation is often a long, costly process. So, it is critical that you cover all of your bases and collect video footage of your parking garage. With LVM, you will be notified of all incidents immediately and be equipped with footage identifying what happened and who was involved. This will come in handy if a dispute over who was at fault for an accident or crime ever arises. 

Equipped with this evidence, you can save money and reduce time wasted spent on drawn-out legal processes. You will also be able to know if any team members are ever responsible for any wrongdoing at your organization and promptly deal with the inappropriate behavior. 

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