The Value Of High-Capacity Security Networks For Manufacturing IoT

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the manufacturing industry, welcoming a new era of connectivity, automation, and data-driven decision-making. And during this evolution, high-capacity security networks have emerged as the backbone for efficient and secure manufacturing. 

These advanced networks are specially designed to handle immense data volumes generated by IoT devices while simultaneously safeguarding sensitive information from potential cyber threats. 

So, integrating a robust network infrastructure can allow manufacturers to unlock the full potential of their IoT devices– paving the way for real-time data analysis, improved efficiency, and increased security. 

Real-Time Data Analysis

Having a high-capacity network is critical since manufacturing environments are seeing a drastic increase in IoT device numbers– from cameras and sensors to robotics and other automated machines. 

So, with this tremendous amount of generated data, manufacturers can harness the capabilities of high-capacity networks to implement data analytics and machine learning algorithms– allowing them to analyze data in real time. 

Consider how quickly one manufacturing plant– with hundreds if not thousands of IoT sensors and cameras generating data each second– could overwhelm a standard network. 

With a high-capacity network, manufacturers can handle this data influx without any delays and feel empowered to make real-time decisions that increase productivity.

Improved Efficiency

In a similar vein, a high-capacity security network will also help improve the manufacturing process. 

For instance, a production line at one manufacturing plant might use IoT sensors for quality assurance purposes– monitoring the quality of each product that moves through the line. 

With a high-capacity network in place, the data collected from the sensors can be analyzed immediately– allowing any defects, quality issues, or bottlenecks to be identified immediately. Then, this empowers manufacturers to narrow down problems immediately, adjust production processes on the spot and eliminate delays down the line. 

Not only will this more accurate and timely process lead manufacturers to increase productivity, but they will also save money on any wasted time or production resources. 

Increased Security

Still, real-time data analysis and improved efficiency only represent half of the equation. It is also equally important to implement a highly secure network– especially in manufacturing, which is an industry ripe with sensitive, transmitted data. 

High-capacity, high-security networks can protect against cyber attacks, which can be costly and devastating to manufacturing operations. 

One of the best ways to secure a manufacturing IoT network is via encryption– or the process of encoding data so that it can only be read by authorized parties. By encrypting data at the time of collection and transmission, manufacturers can rest assured that their data is shielded from any unwanted eyes. 

A virtual private network (VPN), for instance, creates a secure and encrypted connection between a manufacturer’s network and remote users or devices. This can be extremely beneficial for operations that involve external partners or contractors who need to access the network. 

The Pros Outweigh The Cons

It is important to note that high-capacity security networks will require ongoing maintenance and upgrades. After all, as technology continues to evolve, it is critical to ensure that the network infrastructure supporting your IoT devices is always up-to-date and optimized. 

Additionally, high-capacity security networks are not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Every manufacturing operation is different and deals with its own challenges and requirements. So, partnering with an experienced network and video security provider like Resolute Partners can help you create a tailored network solution that fits your specific needs. 

Resolute Partners has deployed hundreds of “endpoints”– including video cameras, heat and humidity sensors, and wireless access points– over the past 20 years. Our team has deployed both wired and wireless energy management networks for the largest Marine Corps base in the world– The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) in Twentynine Palms, California– to save the Corps time, money, and labor. Resolute has also deployed a full turnkey (AMI) wired and wireless energy management network at Dugway Proving Grounds– a US Army facility located in Utah. 

Through our extensive experience, Resolute Partners has found that even with maintenance considerations in mind, the upside that a high-capacity security network can provide far outweighs any drawbacks. 

With a high-capacity network, manufacturers can effortlessly handle the continuous stream of sensor data, allowing them to identify and address issues promptly, mitigate downtime, and optimize production output. 

This ability to proactively monitor and manage manufacturing processes translates into tangible results– including reduced risk, improved quality control, streamlined operations, and better resource allocation.

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