How Video Surveillance Networks Can Enhance On-Site Security Guards’ Effectiveness

On-site security guards play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of institutions. They are responsible for monitoring your property, identifying any potential threats, and responding appropriately when security is breached. 

However, the effectiveness of security guards can be limited by their physical presence and their ability to monitor the entire property at once. This is precisely where video surveillance networks come in. 

Video surveillance can be a stellar complement to a team of on-site security guards. With this dual security approach, your property will be safeguarded via increased coverage, enhanced situational awareness, real-time monitoring, and evidence collection. Plus, marrying on-site security with video surveillance is often a more cost-effective security strategy, too. 

Increased Coverage

One of the most significant advantages of video surveillance networks is that they are able to provide comprehensive coverage of your entire property at all times. This is essentially impossible to achieve otherwise, even with a fully-staffed security guard team in place. 

But, with strategically-placed cameras, security guards can use this technology to their advantage– monitoring all blind spots and hard-to-reach areas that would be challenging to physically monitor. 

This increased coverage also means that any potential threats can be identified much sooner. This cuts down on response time and lessens the likelihood of security breaches escalating. 

Security Guards Benefit From Enhanced Situational Awareness

In order to have strong situational awareness, security teams must have access to the “big picture”– or what is happening throughout your entire property. While monitoring a property on foot, this is virtually impossible. 

However, by simultaneously monitoring live video feeds, security guards can address situations with a more well-rounded understanding of the entire security breach. 

For instance, suppose a security guard spots an intruder trying to enter your property via a specific entrance. At that moment, the guard can immediately assess other entrances to determine whether other individuals are also trying to breach the property. Afterward, your on-site security team can quickly respond to specific entrances and lock down restricted areas. 

Real-Time Monitoring And Alerts For Your Security Team

It is also much easier to have strong situational awareness when a video surveillance network provides real-time monitoring and alerts. 

With physical security personnel, it is not realistic to expect that eyes will be watching your property at all times. Breaks and bathroom trips will happen. Sometimes, security guards also step away from monitors due to other distractions. 

During these periods, video surveillance networks can continue safeguarding your property– immediately alerting on-site security guards whenever a security breach is detected. And even an alert that is provided to personnel just 60 seconds earlier can make a massive difference in both the safety of your property assets and staff members.

Evidence Collection

While it would be ideal to catch all breaches of security, it is better to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. That’s why having a video surveillance network can help protect you long after a security incident takes place. 

Aside from alerting on-site security personnel of any intruders, video surveillance cameras will record all property activity. This can allow security guards to review footage and compile a post-incident report. Additionally, they can gather evidence to be used in legal proceedings.

This can be especially important in cases where a security breach results in damage to your property or injury to individuals– whether they be staff members or customers. By entering legal proceedings with clear evidence of what occurred, video surveillance networks can help protect property owners’ assets and safeguard them from liability.


It is also crucial to mention that video surveillance networks are a cost-effective solution for on-site security needs. 

Of course, installing a robust security network may require an upfront investment. But comparatively, the cost of hiring and maintaining on-site security guards in the long term can be astronomical.

So, supplementing some on-site security guards with a strong video surveillance network can help ensure your property is monitored around the clock at a fraction of the cost. Security guards will also have reliable technology to lean on in times of need, and you can rest assured that your property is covered without breaking the bank. 

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