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Shouldn’t your video security system be at least as smart as a potential criminal?  Shouldn’t it prevent, not just record, a crime?

A potential crime or an innocent meetup between friends? Can your video security system tell the difference?

It’s not likely as most video surveillance systems only record.  They aren’t smart enough to think.  But Property, HOA and Event Venue Managers all know most crimes on their properties are opportunistic:

  • The large parking lot.
  • The back stairway.
  • Building entrances.

These are all areas where would-be criminals chance upon an opportunity and then smash, grab and go with little fear of being caught.  A typical video surveillance system may record the crime, but can it stop it from happening?

Probably not.  Even a manned video security system requires a person to spot a potential problem and alert the right responders.   That’s not always possible, especially when the cameras are spread out over multiple locations.

The measure of a good video security system is not one that merely records a crime, but one that can stop it from happening.

Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence and advanced video analytics, video surveillance is now “smarter” and more proactive when it comes to security.  Video security systems can “learn” what suspicious activity looks like and send an alert to a property manager, appropriate local authorities, or off-site security personnel – even when monitors are unmanned.

There are common red flag characteristics surrounding most opportunistic crimes;

  • The lone figure lingering in a dark stairway,
  • Three or more people hanging out in a parking lot late at night, or
  • A car that repeatedly cruises a neighborhood at unusually slow speeds.

The new, “smart” video security systems use “Unusual Motion Detection” (UMD) to proactively detect suspicious activity without the need for human eyes on the screen.  Common suspicious activities can trigger an alert to a security guard detail, for example, and what might have turned into a problem simply evaporates. UMD allows you to “watch” more with fewer onsite security personnel.

Going further, many new video security systems have an Appearance Search feature.  This allows security, HOA or civic venue managers or authorities to quickly scan hours of recorded video to easily locate a suspect.  The system will then follow his or her movements without the need to scroll through endless footage of irrelevant video, even as he or she passes in and out of multiple camera locations.  Plus, fewer cameras placed further apart with higher quality images are possible thanks to High Definition Stream Management.

“Smart” video security systems have proven themselves to be efficient and cost-effective.  A couple of examples on a larger scale show:

  • In Chicago, the averted crime cost savings is $4 for every $1 spent.1
  • In Baltimore, smart video systems provide a 2:1 ROI.2
  • In Shanghai, crime rates are down 30% while police response times are slashed drastically.3

To get an analysis and pricing for your campus, complex or HOA neighborhood, simply contact Resolute Partners.

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