Video Security Systems Can Help Cut Costs

As a property manager, staff and tenant safety is a top priority. A focus on security not only improves resident satisfaction but when you combine modern camera technology with intelligent rules-based software surveillance and monitoring, it can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are five ways the next generation of video surveillance can help lower costs.

1. Increase Occupancy Rates

Round the clock security can improve property values – which attract tenants and residents. State-of-the-art cameras and centralized visibility and monitoring deter negative behavior with real-time, event-based alerts, helping residents feel safe, day or night. A proactive approach to security means less tenant turnover.

2. Reduce Emergency Response Time

Centralized visibility and real-time alerts allow property managers and security personnel to react and respond quickly to take appropriate action. High-definition picture quality from today’s cameras helps security and law enforcement more quickly investigate and identify intruders and perpetrators.

3. Increase Staff Safety and Efficiency

Integrated high-definition video surveillance solutions help property managers do more with less. They provide wider property coverage, which means fewer camera units to purchase; they minimize storage and bandwidth costs; and they can save energy costs in power-saving modes during typically quiet periods. Video surveillance doesn’t just keep tenants safe. Property managers benefit as well since they are able to work in a safer environment. Feeling safe means they are able to concentrate on their properties and tenants and not have to worry about their own personal safety.

4. Reduce Costs

A high-quality HD surveillance system will not only function more efficiently and reliably, it lowers maintenance costs. Centralized managed and maintained video surveillance includes system upgrades and diagnostics, with fewer bandwidth requirements for more peace of mind. Using video surveillance can also help reduce the need for additional foot patrols. Video surveillance is reliable and can easily cover larger properties while providing real-time, event-based alerts, immediately notifying property managers or even the police.

5. Optimize Productivity

Modern camera technology and intelligent video analytics systems allow property managers to optimize their personnel resources. With a wider coverage area, the staff has fewer cameras to monitor and maintain, which means a single operator has immediate access to parking lots, people, vehicles, and remote areas of the complex. Real-time alerts let operators take immediate action, sending evidence to law-enforcement or security officers for faster response time.

Resolute Partners has partnered with Avigilon to offer a wide range of HD cameras and intelligent video analytics to meet the needs of property managers. Let our experts design a video security system to fit your unique needs. Contact Resolute Partners for pricing and options.

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