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Over the years, we’ve experienced several instances where incandescent and LED lighting has interfered with Wi-Fi signals. As technology changes and the push for energy saving measures grow, many businesses have changed to LED lighting and can be causing some moderate performance issues with their Wi-Fi.

The concept of LEDs causing issues for your Wi-Fi isn’t far fetched, it’s basic physics. LEDs have direct current drive circuits which power them and as efficiency requirements have increased those drive circuits have to operate at ever higher frequencies and that is what emit electromagnet waves, which can run on the same waves as a Wi-Fi signal. Competing for space can cause issues. So why haven’t we heard more about it? Outside of the holiday season and complaints of Christmas lights messing with Wi-Fi, the reason may be because LEDs had no reason to be widely adopted in the past. However, when commercial and federal buildings are looking to become more energy efficient, LEDs are a sure fire way to reducing a carbon footprint and netting some savings.

Due to the increases in using LEDs, the need to properly install and maintain them with Wi-Fi in mind is often overlooked. Because LEDs are required to run at high levels of frequencies to provide the highest efficiency, designing a system to reduce the chances of interference should be part of the planning process from the beginning.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting help with the issue, RESOLUTE Partners provides professional services and installations that eliminate the guessing game on what is considered ample or stable coverage.

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