A burning car parked in the street at night resulting in costly property crime

Costly Property Crimes vs Smart Video Security

Millions of dollars are lost to property crimes each year. Sadly, police solve rates for such crimes grimly hovers under 20%. Increasingly, the biggest crime-solving asset available to law enforcement is real-time footage captured by smart video security systems. Unlike traditional CCTV, smart video security systems carry advanced facial recognition and appearance search features.

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An assortment of video surveillance cameras mounted on light post net to a building

Protecting Your Perimeter from Property Crime

On the battlefield, the perimeter is your front line of defense, blocking or slowing enemies from intruding. Unfortunately, history has taught us that even the most impenetrable perimeter can still be breached. Likewise, today’s property criminals know that too. As a result, having a perimeter security system in place to protect people and buildings from…

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How a Modern Video Security System Cuts Costs

5 Ways a Modern Video Security System Cuts Cost

Can a modern video security system positively impact your bottom line? If you work in the multi-family housing and development industries, the answer is yes. For property managers, staff and tenant safety is always a top priority. Meanwhile, improving resident satisfaction is typically the biggest challenge. Properties with video surveillance are generally deemed safer by…

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