Boost School Safety with Smart Video Surveillance

Smart Video Security Cameras and AI-based Surveillance Software and Analytics are Vastly Improving Safety in Schools and on Campuses. Now, they can also monitor students to help slow the spread of Coronavirus.

According to a Gallup poll taken in 2019, 34% of parents fear for their K-12 child’s safety at school. Unfortunately, parents aren’t alone in their worry. A growing number of students, from primary to college-age, are stressed about their individual safety at school. Fortunately, school administrators are taking actionable steps to improve student safety in classrooms, buildings, and on campuses. Many are choosing to boost school safety with smart video surveillance systems that can, among other things, help enforce COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Much like iPhones, laptops, and other modern technologies, school and campus video surveillance systems are becoming more advanced each year. Today’s school surveillance systems utilize IP cameras and AI-based software and analytics do significantly more than simply relay and record video. Smart video surveillance systems can recognize suspicious behavior, flag unwanted persons, identify unsafe objects, and even identify elevated temperatures.  Additionally, these systems immediately alert school safety monitors with live-video of the person, object or unsafe event. Quickly identifying and responding to negative behaviors and dangerous situations enables schools to intercede and stop them before they escalate. 

Three Ways Smart Video Surveillance Boosts School Safety

1. Helps Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in School Buildings and on Campuses.

At the start of the 2020-2021 school year, a COVID-19 vaccine was not yet available. In the Fall of 2020, fear of COVID-19 infection is why 1 in 3 college students don’t feel safe returning to campus. Additionally, a September 2020 poll revealed that 33% of K-12 parents were not planning to have their child vaccinated for the flu. Other parents simply opt out of vaccinating children altogether. 

Despite strenuous face mask, hand sanitizing, and social distancing requirements, infection at school is a looming possibility. Thankfully, smart video security’s AI-based analytics can track and identify students who are violating mask and social distancing protocols. Smart systems can alert administrators if a no-mask or social distancing rule violation occurs. 

Smart video surveillance systems can also keep count of the number of students coming in and out of buildings or track large gatherings in outdoor areas. The system can alert security if either exceeds pre-set limits. This is a huge help for any school wishing to limit occupancy inside campus buildings, classrooms, and various outdoor gathering areas.

Other emerging smart system technologies include newly developed infrared-spectrum thermal cameras with edge-based analytics. Thermal cameras can detect elevated body temperature, thus providing schools with a fully contactless alternative to traditional student health screening methods. Together, AI-based analytics and cutting edge cameras can reduce the spread of viruses like COVID-19 and the flu.  

2. Suspicious Human Activity Detection Alerts Security of Questionable Activities on Campus.

Suspicious Human Activity Detection is an event-based smart video surveillance system process of detecting undesired human activities in a crowded place. Once a suspicious activity is detected, the system immediately alerts security – who can view a frame-by-frame video of the activity.  If security monitors receive on-the-spot event-based alerts, then they can quickly review footage and decide on appropriate action.  In crowded hallways or campuses, questionable activities will not go unnoticed. Some high schools and colleges have also used this advanced capability to identify potential cheating during major exams. 

3.  AI-powered Facial Recognition Technologies Red-Flag Sexual Predators, Estranged Spouses, and Dangerous Persons.

Undeniably, one of the biggest fears among parents of young children is the scenario of their child’s kidnapping or abduction. The truth is, sexual predators and dangerous persons have been known to prey around schools. Fortunately, today’s intelligent video surveillance systems utilize advanced facial recognition technology to combat this. Facial recognition can store images of known predators, former spouses, or other unwanted persons. This same technology can also be used to issue the most recent video of a student and their abductor. This is very useful to law enforcement in the event of an Amber of Silver alert.

School Video Surveillance Systems Ease Stress and Anxiety Among Students

A 2019 New York University study determined that almost 2/3 of NYU students wanted more information on how to reduce stress than any other topic. By July 2020, a Dartmouth study revealed that Coronavirus had made already stressed-out students even more anxious and depressed

There are a lot of things that can make students of all ages begin to feel high pressure. With the knowledge their school takes safety seriously, children, high schoolers and college students can focus on studying, taking exams and doing better in school.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that schools have the capability to observe, react and respond quickly to all sorts of threats. Smart video surveillance systems with real-time notifications are helping schools alert local staff or police when activity is suspicious, negative, or unfamiliar. This is important because it gives school safety and security personnel time to act quickly in response.

School video surveillance system professionals like Resolute Partners can provide school administrators with a complimentary video security network assessment. Our team installs school surveillance cameras, network hardware, and AI-based software and additionally provides certified training, system management, and 24/7 managed video surveillance support services. Contact Resolute Partners to learn more.

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