Surveillance cameras on light post

Now that summer is over, college students and their parents are preparing for another school year away from home. The lists of supplies seem to get longer every year, but there’s one thing that stays constant in a parent’s mind. According to a Gallup poll taken in 2018, 35% of parents fear their child’s safety at school, actually up from 24% in 2017. College-aged parents aren’t the only ones thinking about safety, more students and parents at all grade levels are worried this year.

The stress of safety at school shouldn’t be a distraction in the classroom or interfere with education. Fortunately, there are ways and actions school administrators can take to provide a real sense of security around schools and campuses. With a smart outdoor video security system in place, it’s actually possible to stop crime or danger before it happens. Here are three reasons why upgrading to the latest technology or adding a smart, custom security system improves school safety:

1. Identifies Suspicious Activity

With a real person watching live video and receiving on-the-spot event-based alerts, questionable activity no longer goes unnoticed. Security companies like Resolute Partners even provide training by a certified technician and 24/7 support. It’s crucial your school organization react and respond quickly in a critical emergency. It’s important to have video surveillance software with real-time notifications to alert local staff or police when activity is unfamiliar, giving school safety plans more time to act.

2. Reduces Negative Behavior

Like iPhones, laptops and other technology on the market, video surveillance is becoming more advanced. From cameras to the monitoring software to event-based alerts, today’s systems do so much more than just record videos to be watched later. New innovations in campus security systems enable software to recognize suspect behavior, provide a live feed of events and immediately alert an operator or first responder.

3. Increases Secure Feelings Among Students

A New York University study revealed almost 2/3 of NYU students wanted more information on how to reduce stress than any other topic. There are a lot of things that can make students of all ages begin to feel high pressure ranging from difficult classes to financial reasons. With the knowledge their school takes safety seriously, children, high schoolers and college students can focus on studying, taking exams and doing better in school.

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