Managed Video Security Solutions

Enterprise Video Security Systems and Real-time Video Surveillance Support

RESOLUTE Partners offers enterprise video surveillance systems and managed video security services. We specialize in the custom design, installation, and management of enterprise video security systems that utilize AI-based technology. Our AI-driven smart video networks are ideal real-time video surveillance solutions for multi-family residential housing, apartment complexes, schools, campuses, businesses and commercial enterprises. Managed video security solutions are location or cloud-based and enable the storage and remote viewing of video recordings. Managed video security also provides real-time alerts to local staff and first responders, and ongoing cybersecurity support.

Enterprise Video Surveillance Systems with Advanced Capabilities that Deliver the Next Generation of IP Video Surveillance Technology, Software, and Service

Enterprise video security systems with advanced, AI-based technologies are key to predicting and responding to potential liability and security risks in a proactive and accelerated manner. Advanced video equipment, such as HD video surveillance IP cameras and advanced data analytics software, are helping enterprises detect and mitigate risks.  RESOLUTE Partners provides enterprises with modern video security systems using world-class video security equipment to deliver secure networks that will reduce security staffing costs, deter crime, improve safety, and deliver high ROI.

assortment of indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras

State-of-the-Art Video Surveillance Equipment and Software Stop Crime and Reduce Costs

New smart video security equipment and AI-based software combine to stop, not just record crimes. Choosing high definition IP cameras, AI-driven software, and a reputable partner for system installation and monitoring enables managed video security systems to support and reduce most security staffing costs.

Centralized Monitoring of Suspicious Activities at Multiple Sites and Properties

Advanced video security networks enable centralized multi-site visibility and security management, even in remote areas. Thanks to IP technology, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, video surveillance is now smarterWhen suspicious activity is spotted, the system sends an immediate alert.

24/7 Real-time Video Security Monitoring and Event-based Security Alerts

Predictive, behavioral, facial recognition, and machine-learning capabilities enable smart video surveillance networks to recognize suspicious behavior. Once recognized, an immediate email alert is sent to staff who can view live video in order to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

VSaaS Managed Video Security Services

Stopping security issues before they get out of hand means recognizing, reviewing, and taking action without delay. Hiring staff to monitor video surveillance, respond to alerts, and perform system updates and maintenance isn't a sustainable cost option for every enterprise. For this reason, in addition to enterprise video surveillance system design and installation, RESOLUTE PARTNERS offers Video Surveillance as a Service to organizations in the United States. VSaaS is a complete video security management solution that includes all hardware, software, and ongoing maintenance and support for a fixed monthly fee. VSaaS enables organizations to lock in video security costs upfront and avoid normal wear and tear maintenance costs making this an ideal and cost-effective solution for any enterprise.

Suspicious Activity Alerts in Real time

A man in a black ski masks crouched and hiding behind a vehicle

Voice Down Commands are Issued

Video security officer issues voice down commands through a handheld communication device

Police and Client are Notified Immediately

A police officer standing next to a police car

Managed Real-time Video Security Can Help:

  • Prevent crime and deter negative behavior
  • Reduce security personnel staffing costs
  • Improve security incident response time
  • Reduce liability and insurance costs

AI-based Video Security Solutions are Ideal for:

  • Hospital, Healthcare Facilities, and Nursing Homes
  • School Campuses and Dormitories
  • Multi-family Residential and Apartment Complexes
  • Businesses and Enterprises with multiple sites

Advanced IP Video Surveillance Equipment from:

  • Avigilon
  • Axis Communications
  • Motorola
  • Uniview

Video Security Network Pricing Options to Fit Your Budget

Contrary to popular belief, a multi-site managed video security network solution doesn’t always mean high cost. In general, what matters most is a high ROI. With this in mind, our experts can design, install, operate, monitor, and maintain a custom video surveillance system that fits just about any U.S.A.-based organization’s needs. If you need assistance finding the ideal solution, please contact us or request an assessment.

Advanced IP Video Camera Technology

• 1-32 Megapixel HD Cameras • Dome Cameras • Bullet Cameras • Multi-Sensor and Panoramic-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

Smart Video Surveillance Software

• Recognizes suspect behavior • Provides live feed of events • Immediately alerts operator so that appropriate action can be taken.


• Certified, licensed, insured contractors • Nationwide installation capabilities • Nationwide code compliance • High/low voltage capabilities


• 1-on-1 training and support by a certified technician • Online training through the manufacturer • Continuing refresh courses


• Customized web portal for all buildings and properties • 24/7 monitoring • Immediate response to critical emergencies