Private and Guest Wireless Networks for Companies, Hospitals, Dorms, and Public Spaces

RESOLUTE is the ideal partner to an organization's vision for wireless/Wi-Fi and wired internet access.

RESOLUTE Partners provides efficient Wi-Fi and wired networks, and Internet access for hospitals, office parks, public spaces, college campus dormitories, and academic facilities. This service enables organizations to provide Internet access to their customers and guests through pay-to-use/subscription or free access options (with or without authentication). RESOLUTE has designed and deployed more than 40 networks for VA Medical Centers, and more for other government agencies, schools, and commercial entities.

Future-Ready Guest Wi-Fi Networks

RESOLUTE Partners builds Future-Ready Guest Networks that are flexible, secure, and adaptable to accommodate changes that cannot be anticipated at the time of installation. Local area networks must keep pace with advances in consumer electronics, cybersecurity, and changing usage patterns. Sophisticated user behaviors—such as increased video streaming, team collaboration, and expanded use of tablets and smartphones—requires the ability to increase network throughput and available bandwidth, and provide security over the life of the Wi-Fi installation.

The Right Internet Access Solution - Wired, Wireless and Hybrid Networks

RESOLUTE delivers Internet connectivity through the latest wireless technologies. In legacy environments, depending on the organization’s facility and requirements, we can also deploy hybrid wired and Wi-Fi network access. After a site review, RESOLUTE will recommend the network solution and specific technologies most appropriate and cost efficient for an organization’s facilities and requirements. Once installed, RESOLUTE will manage the network to provide continuous and robust connectivity.

With optional firewall hardware, our networks offer protection against unauthorized intrusions and damaging virus attacks. RESOLUTE can configure public-area solutions to provide content filtering to limit exposure to objectionable material while permitting unrestricted access to all other pages and websites.

Internet of Things

A robust wireless network opens the doors to the Internet of Things. Through energy management, RESOLUTE extensive experience with energy management and control networks can help clients connect all types of devices today—and tomorrow. Energy management, access control, and digital signage all depend on an integrated facility-wide managed solution. RESOLUTE can deliver a robust, unified network to support all smart-campus applications.

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