Get a Complimentary, Professional Video Security Network Assessment from RESOLUTE PARTNERS.

Thinking about installing a new, or upgrading an old video surveillance network? Interested in a Managed AI-based Video Security System? Whatever your video network needs are, let us help you with a complimentary cost estimate!

RESOLUTE PARTNERS is happy to provide your enterprise, business, or organization with a complimentary managed video security network assessment. In order to provide you with the best possible solutions, we'll need to gather some information from you.

The first phase of our video assessment is a general discussion that helps us to understand your environment, goals and expectations. Let us look under the hood and explore what behavior or activities you are trying to capture or prevent.

During this assessment, we will discuss the size and construction of your facility, or multiple facilities, as well as the reason and primary use of the security system. If you are seeking to upgrade an older system, we will also need general information about any existing cameras and cabling already in place.

Additionally, we will discuss the current business risk profile, video camera coverage and image quality. We'll also explore recorded image storage capacity, video analytics accuracy and long-term business needs.

Ultimately, today’s new HD cameras coupled with powerful software and analytics provide an amazing amount of data. Combined, they also deliver a solid return on investment. We have experience with multi-family housing, hospital, government, and campus environments. We will share our knowledge and experience obtained through similar video security projects with customers just like you.

In the end, our primary goal is to deliver a quality video security solution that is fully capable of protecting your people, assets and property.