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The Pros & Cons Of Facial Recognition

The concept of facial recognition got its start in the 1960s when Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe devised a system to classify photographs of faces. Since then, technological advancements have arguably pushed this feature to be one of the most powerful security tools ever created. Now, facial recognition is the most commonly used method to unlock smartphones,…

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Is License Plate Recognition Right For Your Property?

Have you ever considered license plate recognition technology as a viable security option? The truth is that numerous kinds of businesses and government enterprises can benefit from this feature– whether that be through the management of parking, ensuring no unauthorized people enter your property, or having solid video evidence in the event of a security…

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Cloud Surveillance or On-Premises NVR?

Investing in cloud surveillance or an on-premises NVR is a great way to secure your business assets. But, how your security feed is recorded and later stored will differ depending on your system. Choosing the setup that makes the most sense for your business is all that matters. So, let’s discuss the differences between traditional…

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