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RESOLUTE Partners Advanced Network Engineering Services

Since 1997, RESOLUTE Partners has designed, engineered, installed, and operated secured wireless & wired networks designed to meet demanding mission-critical objectives, improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and create platforms for emerging applications and new technologies from energy management and controls to the Internet of Things (IOT). Our operational experience and depth of technical knowledge allows us to respond quickly to changing customer needs against evolving industry standards. Our services include:

RESOLUTE Partners designs and engineers high-reliability, secure and encrypted, wired and wireless networks and Internet access networks that meet Government security requirements (Federal Information Processing Standards, NIST, RMF).

We provide high-reliability, cost-efficient wired and wireless networks and Internet access for military installations, commercial locations, public buildings and locations, and dormitories and campuses.

We engineer and install reliable, scalable, IP video security systems with purchase or lease options. We provide ongoing monitoring, support, and maintenance and Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), a managed video security solution at a fixed monthly cost.

RESOLUTE provides, install, and securely connects advanced IoT devices and real-time remote monitoring solutions for enterprise environmental, power and security applications.

RESOLUTE designs, engineers, installs, and provides ongoing support for environmental and IoT network systems and equipment using hardware and software solutions from the DISA Approved Product List for government networks.

RESOLUTE provides advanced cybersecurity systems and security engineering expertise to agencies to design, install, and secure mission assets to achieve ATO within the Federal Government’s Risk Management Framework (RMF).

If you are a Federal Prime Contractor seeking a subcontractor to deploy secure wired and wireless connectivity for communications and energy management, Resolute Partners is a solid choice.

Our Services Include a Broad Range of Network Services and Support

WAN/WLAN Networks • Comprehensive Site Surveys • Network Engineering and Design • Cloud Solutions • Hardware Procurement • Systems Deployment • Network Installation/Integration • ISP Circuit Provisioning • Project Management • Detailed Documentation • Monitoring • Remote and On-site Support