Multi-family Residential Security Solutions

Real-time Video Surveillance Systems, IP Security Cameras, Wireless Motion Sensors, Remote Monitoring and Access Control Solutions.

Resolute Partners understands the unique security needs of the Multifamily residential industry. We specialize in installing new or modernizing existing video security systems by replacing analog video surveillance cameras, network equipment and software with advanced IP solutions. We provide multifamily property owners with managed video security options as well as environmental safety and motion detection sensors, voice-down systems, and access control equipment. We utilize smart building and AI-based security solutions that offer real-time remote monitoring capability including wireless sensors and suspicious behavior and facial recognition software. Finally, we ensure security staff receive the training needed to operate, manage, and maintain new equipment and software.

Managed Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) with 24/7 Monitoring and Real-time Alerts

VSaaS is a full-service video security solution that includes all hardware, software, ongoing maintenance and technical support for a fixed monthly fee.

Along with the design, engineering, and installation of advanced security equipment and software, Resolute Partners provides Video Surveillance as a Service. VSaaS is a location or cloud based full-service managed video security option that combines 24/7 live video monitoring and real-time security alerts with all normal system maintenance and support over the term of the contract. It is a cost-effective multifamily housing security management solution to lock in video security costs upfront and avoid future system maintenance costs. Managed video security enables the storage and remote viewing of video recordings and provides ongoing system cybersecurity and technical support.

Multi-family residential housing complex with security solution options

Need experts to provide, install, upgrade, connect, manage, monitor, and maintain real-time security solutions for your multi-family residential property?

Internet of Things (IoT) Long-range Wireless Security and Safety Sensors

Secure assets and ensure resident and personnel safety with wireless sensors that monitor activity and environment.

Multifamily residential properties are increasingly adopting the use of smart building IoT device technology to improve processes and protect assets and people. We provide wireless sensors of all types, install and connect them with your security network including:

Open-Closed Sensors

Open-Closed Door Sensors

Wireless Motion and Occupancy Sensors

Motion Sensors

Wireless long-range gas detection sensors icon

Gas Detection Sensors

Wireless water detection sensors icon

Water Detection Sensors

Wireless humidity detection sensors icon

Humidity Detection Sensors

Our Partners and History in World-Class Multi-family Residential Security Solutions

Resolute Partners works with the world's top innovators of advanced security solutions. Our distinguished security equipment and software partners include Avigilon, Aruba, Axis Communications, Cisco, Milestone, Monnit, and more. Flexible and cost-effective security solutions are what today's multi-family residential housing leaders demand. Together, we're rising to meet that challenge and consistently exceed expectations.

Our history with advanced network engineering and partnerships with world-class security equipment providers allow us to handle multiple aspects of multi-family residential security. Certified by RealPage and Vive, we’ve helped hundreds of multi-family residential clients with everything from equipment installation and secure network software integration to ongoing maintenance and support. We strongly support the affordable housing industry, and are proud members of NLHA, NEAHMA and SAHMA.