Live Video Monitoring Service Signup

Sign up for Live Video Monitoring Service from Resolute Partners and receive a 30-day, no obligation free trial

Finding the ideal surveillance camera monitoring solution can be challenging, but Resolute Partners makes it easy. Our professional remote live video monitoring service is a valuable and cost-effective video security monitoring solution for any business. We believe in it so much, we'll give you 30 days of free service just to give it a try.

How to sign up for the Live Video Monitoring Service free trial:

First, complete the free trial signup form on this page. This form tells us the name and location of your business, about you or the person authorized to digitally sign our service contract, and where to ship the Remote Monitoring (REMO) equipment.

Next, we'll review your submitted information, prepare a contract, and email it to you within 1-2 business days. After you review and e-sign the contract, you will be prompted to pay a $799 refundable equipment deposit to cover the cost of our REMO device. If you cancel service before the end of your 30-day free trial and return our REMO equipment in good condition, Resolute Partners will refund the full deposit to you.

Finally, once the contract and deposit are received, we'll ship our REMO device to your preferred shipping location within 1-2 business days. The 30-day trial begins once live monitoring service starts. This no-obligation trial gives you the chance to get to know us while experiencing an effortless video security monitoring solution to affordably fulfill your overnight surveillance monitoring needs.