Resolute Partners IoT Project Case Studies

Read our past IoT project case studies to see how Resolute Partners makes Internet of Things solutions effortless.

Since 1997, Resolute Partners has designed, engineered, installed, and managed secure wireless & wired networks. Every network is designed to meet demanding mission-critical objectives, improve operating efficiencies, reduce costs, and create platforms for emerging applications and new technologies. From energy management and controls to video security and the Internet of Things (IoT), here are the highlights from some of our past IoT project case studies:

Project: Design, Engineer and Install Web-enabled Humidistats at an Apartment Complex. Industry Serviced: Multi-family Housing

Resolute Partners - Ledgewood Apartment Complex in NC - IoT Project Case Studies

A North Carolina housing complex was plagued by high humidity, and was facing potential mold growth in multiple ground floor units. The property installed dehumidifiers, but without the means to remotely monitor them in order to maximize effectiveness.

The Solution:

  • Resolute Partners expanded its existing point to point wireless video security network to include 5 web enabled temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the effected buildings. The devices were programmed to capture heat and humidity settings at each building 24x7 and alert property management staff when temperature or humidity exceeded predetermined levels.

The Result:

  • Managers are able to receive and review high humidity level alerts at the office location and take action to quickly reduce humidity in the units as needed, preventing moisture damage and improving resident satisfaction. The real-time enabled alerts have allowed property management company ownership to optimize unit and property energy use by activating dehumidifiers solely on an as needed basis.

Project: Design and Deploy an Integrated Metering Network to Monitor Power Usage in Homes at Dugway Proving Ground. Industry Serviced: Government

Resolute Partners - Dugway Proving Ground in Utah - IoT Project Case Studies

U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground personnel had been visiting 244 individual residential units each month to collect energy usage data for billing and wanted to automate the majority of this activity. Project requirements included certification and accreditation in the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Framework (RMF).

The Solution:

  • Resolute Partners installed 144 advanced electronic meters at every residential unit. Additionally, we installed over 250 radios and 60 switches to create a wired and wireless 900MHz mesh network. All devices were integrated with the installation's secure network and connected to Siemens Apogee management software.

The Result:

  • Dugway personnel are now able to collect all meter data in a unified system on an as needed basis without the need to physically visit a unit to read meters. Our team was able to provide these services to the Dugway DPW teams through the RMF authorization process.

Project: RF Engineering Analysis, Design and Remediation Services for 5 Hospitals to Improve RF Coverage and Performance. Industry Serviced: Healthcare

Resolute Partners - Hospital in Connecticut - IoT Project Case Studies

A healthcare network on the East Coast had 5 facilities experiencing RF system and network congestion difficulties that were negatively impacting the quality of care. Each location had a slightly different issue resulting from a range of causes including older wifi systems, increased load on the networks from patient use, data device (sensors, carts, equipment) use, and the use of Vocera (VoIP call systems).

The Solution:

  • Resolute Partners completed detailed RF surveys throughout all buildings, identified areas requiring additional coverage, devices that needed to be relocated, devices that needed to be reconfigured, and services that needed to be turned off to enhance performance. RP delivered fully engineered RF solutions for each facility to aid in hardware acquisition as well as cable and switching scopes of work. We also identified hardware issues for the manufacturer to address.

The Result:

  • The client was able to optimize the hardware they had in place, reduce the anticipated additional quantities of hardware required to complete the coverage.