Creating Secure, High-Performance Networks

RESOLUTE Partners specializes in engineering high-security government wide and local area wireless and wired networks connecting agencies, teams, systems, and devices. High-performance networks—secured through a rigorous RMF process—utilize approved equipment to ensure reliable and secure links. For more than a decade, RESOLUTE has delivered safe and secure communications networks to Federal agencies utilizing approved technologies and processes ensuring compliance with the changing cybersecurity environment.

The Challenge

Cybersecurity is a national priority. Designing, installing, identifying, and prioritizing risk—along with building defensible government networks—is a required activity for all Government agencies.

Federal staff and guest wireless and wired network systems face large and diverse cyber threats that range from unsophisticated hackers to technically sophisticated intruders using state-of-the-art intrusion techniques. Many malicious attacks are designed to steal information and disrupt, degrade, or destroy critical information systems.

Current energy management and industrial/process control systems are often connected to the business networks to improve overall enterprise operations and decision making. These industrial control systems often use commercial off-the-shelf-products and open protocols and are vulnerable to similar types of threats.

Our Solution

RESOLUTE Partners excels at government security requirements and can support DISA, APL, FIPS-140-2, and NIST compliance and is experienced with creating networks that offer high- and low-side secure wireless connectivity utilizing a fully redundant network to provide guest and corporate network access.

Our proven streamlined technical and program processes help customers protect systems with the right Information Assurance and Security Engineering applied the right way. Our approach ensures system users can conduct mission-critical initiatives and meet demanding government standards for RMF certification.

Using the Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) in both business and industrial networks, RESOLUTE helps agencies implement the processes that must be followed to secure, authorize, and manage IT systems. We design, install, and secure agency systems to receive an Authorization to Operate (ATO) and integrate ongoing risk management (continuous monitoring) activities to maintain network security.

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