Implement the safeguards you need to maintain the highest level of protection

Does your staff/guest/SCADA network meet rigorous government NIST and RMF requirements?

RESOLUTE PARTNERS has a proven track record of providing advanced systems and security engineering expertise to agencies to design, install, and secure mission assets.

RESOLUTE evaluates network security and implements the safeguards needed to maintain the highest level of protection and reduce the risk of a breach or data loss. Solutions recommended by RESOLUTE PARTNERS meet demanding government standards for RMF certification.

RESOLUTE PARTNERS helps customers:

  • Design and deploy systems quicker and with better results using proven streamlined processes.
  • Secure systems following established Risk Management Frameworks process.
  • Safeguard ongoing mission critical operations thru effective continuous monitoring solutions.

RESOLUTE’s proven performance and cyber engineering processes and tools strike the critical balance between protection and performance.

The Challenge

Current SCADA and industrial/process control systems typically use off-the-shelf-products and open protocols making systems vulnerable to the same types of cybersecurity threats for typical computer networks. Industrial/process control systems and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) networks are pervasive throughout our critical infrastructure, and therefore, failures or corruption can result in serious disruptions to the infrastructures they support.

Staff and Guest Wireless networks have replaced many traditional wired networks in our mobile culture. While faster to deploy and less expensive, these wireless networks present different challenges. The addition of VOIP communications systems provides additional openings for cyber threats.

Gaining an Authority to Operate (ATO) through RMF can be a lengthy and daunting process, and more importantly, ongoing compliance for Continuous Monitoring can stretch the capacity of many agencies or companies.

Our Solution

RESOLUTE’s unique solutions for commercial and government networks follows the RMF process to provide intelligent analysis of risks, options for mitigation, proper documentation and ongoing programs and actions to keep client networks secure.

RESOLUTE recently completed the engineering, installation, and certification through ATO for 6 wireless networks with over 500 access points at an agency with locations on the East and West coasts. These networks included authentication to an existing active directory environment as well as secure onboarding of visiting guests and contractors. RESOLUTE is currently engaged in obtaining ATOs for energy management and control systems on military installations connecting residential, industrial, and Micro Grid facilities.

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