Antenna tower from ground view

While most of you have heard of a site survey, you may not know about a Pre-Site Survey Questionnaire (PSSQ. This survey assesses project goals, key players and decision makers, budget/funding, time line, network usage, building infrastructure and many other complications, that might come up. This information is essential for planning, network design and a cost effective execution. While not proprietary, we utilize this document for every project and it’s refered to throughout the entire process and is why it’s essential to have a pre-site survey before a site survey is performed.

Next comes the active site survey, in which we determine the location, power settings, channel and antenna type of every access point (AP) to be installed. We also clearly define our cabling needs and other hardware/configurations needed to execute the network installation. We have two site survey options. During a best-practice active site survey, a team will come to your venue and do mock setups, actively mapping coverage lobes with a variety of mobile devices running WLAN analyzers.

We also perform a spectrum analysis to identify and locate any signals that might interfere with your network. During a passive site survey, we pick AP locations based on our previous experiences with certain products and environments, and a few test setups to get a feel for signal propagation. After the installation, the network is adjusted and coverage gaps are filled to insure it performs as well as possible. While this option is more affordable, it lacks the same guarantee we provide with our active site survey, and it is not acceptable for networks used for data/voice/location services.

Finally, a team of experienced wireless engineers and technicians will install your network in an efficient and cost effective manner. We use industry best-practices for cable management and hardware installation, and meet OSHA safety requirements. If you’re interested in learining more, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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