No Loitering Sign

Many places I speak with have problems with loitering on their property or business.  Groups of young adults blocking entrances, being a disturbance or committing crimes.  An effective method of combating this to use the Objects Loitering rule on the Avigilon analytical cameras in combination with monitoring and voice-down services.

Applying this rule on cameras will cause an event to be triggered when the selected object type (person/vehicle) stays within the region of interest (camera view) for the set amount of time.  The loitering rules are customized for type of object, number of objects, the region of interest and time, helping eliminate false alerts.  An example rule may be two or more people, for more than two minutes, at the entrance of the store will cause an event.  When this happens the monitoring operator receives the event, views the camera and uses voice-down if necessary.  Since the self-learning analytic cameras can distinguish between people and vehicles, this rule may also be applied both interior and exterior cameras.  How long has that vehicle been parked in the loading zone?  By using voice-down you can inform the subjects to leave the area.  Taking a Pro-Active approach to your security can help prevent incidents from happening.  It won’t take long and your problem people will be looking for a new place to hang out.

The following was originally posted on LinkedIn by Field Operations Manager, Client Services at RESOLUTE Partners Christopher Reeves. 

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