How a Modern Video Security System Cuts Costs

5 Ways a Modern Video Security System Cuts Cost

Can a modern video security system positively impact your bottom line? If you work in the multi-family housing and development industries, the answer is yes. For property managers, staff and tenant safety is always a top priority. Meanwhile, improving resident satisfaction is typically the biggest challenge. Properties with video surveillance are generally deemed safer by…

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Smart Video Security with AI

How Smart is Your Video Security?

If your video security system were as smart as a potential criminal, then it would be able to prevent, not just record, a crime. If your video security system can’t tell the difference between a potential crime or an innocent meetup between friends, then it’s time to get a smarter system.

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Resolute Partners

RESOLUTE Partners and Avigilon Partner for Smart Video Security

RESOLUTE Partners is proud to announce a partnership with industry leading video and analytics security software company Avigilon to bring smart video security to U.S. Military communities, multi-unit housing complexes, hospitals, office parks, public spaces, college campus dormitories, academic facilities and more.

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