Smart surveillance powered by AI represents a massive leap forward in enhancing crime prevention and detection in the public transit industry.

The Pros And Cons Of Smart Video Surveillance In The Public Transit Industry: Protecting Passenger And Worker Safety

Video surveillance has become an integral part of ensuring safety throughout various sectors in recent years, and the public transit industry is no exception. The deployment of video surveillance systems in buses, trains, and transit stations has been a key strategy for enhancing both passenger and worker safety.  However, like any technology, video surveillance comes…

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Resolute Partners - Facial Recognition - The Pros & Cons Of Facial Recognition - Security Systems

The Pros & Cons Of Facial Recognition

The concept of facial recognition got its start in the 1960s when Woodrow Wilson Bledsoe devised a system to classify photographs of faces. Since then, technological advancements have arguably pushed this feature to be one of the most powerful security tools ever created. Now, facial recognition is the most commonly used method to unlock smartphones,…

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