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Ensure the safety and security of your business with our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, advanced network solutions, energy management systems, and cybersecurity services.

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These cutting-edge technologies can streamline operations, cut overhead costs, and enhance security in MDUs.

Safeguard Your Assets

Don't wait to safeguard your assets. Join businesses across the U.S. in industries including education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, military and defense, and multifamily residential who trust in our services.

Early detection and rapid response are crucial for preventing loss. Our professional team will help you define the ideal security solution tailored to your business needs.

The right balance in footage review frequency can transform security camera systems from passive observers to active tools protecting your business interests.
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Our Services

Advanced Video Security

We offer top-notch video security services with AI-driven smart video surveillance and CCTV systems. Have peace of mind with our comprehensive VSaaS or live video monitoring services, both equipped with remote security camera monitoring support.

Wireless Network Solutions

Enjoy high-reliability, cost-efficient, and secure Wi-Fi networks for your staff, customers, and guests. Our extensive wireless internet portfolio spans across campuses, hotels, hospitals, and military installations.

Government Cybersecurity

We bring advanced Cybersecurity solutions tailored for government agencies. From design, installation, to securing mission assets, we operate within the Federal Risk Management Framework.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Embrace the benefits of Technology with our IoT integration services. We offer supply, installation, connection, and secure integration of smart wired and wireless IoT solutions for environmental, power, safety, and security applications.

Energy Management

Simplify complex energy challenges with our robust energy management solutions. We engineer and provide continued support for monitoring your environmental network equipment and system loads.

Network Solutions

We began our journey in 1997 to lead the field of advanced network solutions, assisting businesses across various sectors including education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, defense, and multifamily residential realms..

Government Network Solutions

We masterfully design reliable, secure, encrypted, and cost-efficient networks abiding by the DoD and Federal Government network security requirements (FIPS, NIST, RMF). 

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  • Our expertise in implementing high-reliability and secure, cost-efficient Wi-Fi networks.
  • Our specialized cybersecurity services for the safety of your valuable data.

Half of crimes against businesses happen at night. Don't let your business be vulnerable; partner with Resolute Partners for 24/7 protection. 

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