Trends in Video Security Systems

RESOLUTE Partners sat down with Field Operations Manager Christopher Reeves to discuss the current state of video security:

Q: What do you see being the big trend in 2017 for video security?

A: In 2017, we expect to see advances in software and cyber security from all manufacturers.  Analytics is the hottest trend and it is continuing to become more effective resulting in the ability to react to incidents faster.  Our partner Avigilon, with the release of ACC 6, introduced the first ever true search engine for video.  Avigilon Appearance Search allows you to search for all instances of a particular person or vehicle across all cameras at a site.  This can be particularly useful in the case of a stolen bag or lost child scenario.

Also, security is on the lips of every integrator.  With the growing popularity of IoT devices, these devices have shown vulnerability to hacking and viruses.  Your IP camera network should be treated with the same safeguards as you would a company’s LAN.  Following industry best practices, isolating your cameras from the Internet and strong passwords are some of the best ways to protect your network.

Q: What technological advances have you seen lately that makes video security something everyone should be considering?

A: There are so many analog systems still deployed that are near end of life.  With the high quality and low cost of today’s IP cameras, it only makes sense for companies to replace these old systems.  To help mitigate the up-front costs of replacing an entire system, there are products like encoders that will integrate their analog system into an IP network or allow existing coax cables to be repurposed for the new IP cameras.

Q: What specific vertical or industry do you see video security being a perfect match for 2017 and beyond?

A: While anyone with personnel or assets to protect can benefit from quality video security, we are seeing high demand in the housing industry.  Many cities struggle with the availability of affordable housing for lower income families.  These areas can have higher than normal crime statistics and keeping them safe is a high priority for both the city and property management companies.  In these cases, active video monitoring allowing for real-time voice downs can often prevent incidents from taking place.  In the event of an emergency, notifications can be made faster and provide more accurate information for first responders.

Q: What’s the one big customer concern you always run into and how do you put their minds at ease when it comes to video security?

A: Having usable footage that will aid in a forensic investigation is almost always a customer’s top concern.  Too many times we see footage of an incident that is not clear enough to make an identification.  Setting the customer’s expectations when designing a network is an important step.  Taking example footage with the product that is being recommended is always a great way to show customers what they can expect from their investment.

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