Surveillance cameras on light post

On the battlefield, the perimeter is your front line of defense, blocking the enemy from intruding on your territory. Throughout history, some of those front lines were thought impenetrable but were breached with the smallest of openings or poor weather conditions. Seeing the enemy is the first step to keep unwanted intruders out. Whether it’s stopping an advancing army or stopping people and vehicles from your site, you need a high-quality surveillance system to view the action.

Seeing is Believing

According to the FBI’s 2018 crime statistics, there were over 7 million property crimes in the U.S. that year. Collectively the victims of property crimes suffered losses estimated at $16.4 billion in 2018. That’s a lot of crime, theft and loss of property. That’s why perimeter security designed to protect employees, visitors, and building functions and services from threats is so important.

Methods to keep the bad guys out fences, gates, bollards, berms, locks and security systems, security lighting, alarms, and even security guards. Dark or rainy conditions can make securing your perimeter harder.

One of the most efficient and cost-effective perimeter protectors is video security. Using high-quality security cameras with low light or infrared technologies can see threats where others can’t and should be one of the highest priorities for site owners.

Tracking Traffic

Physical barriers are important to perimeter security, but sites need access points for people and vehicles to come and go. Tracking and securing them requires high-performance security surveillance cameras and intercoms for two-way communication with visitors. Secured entry systems should enable security professionals and site operators to quickly and easily identify and communicate with a visitor before remotely granting access.

Perimeter Protection Solutions

Securing your perimeter can be critical to the protection of your site. By deploying video security cameras that allow you to clearly see people and events at the edge of your site, as well as an access control system to limit entry to authorized individuals, can gain you greater situational awareness while mitigating the risk of intrusion.

Resolute Partners provides reliable, cost-efficient security services for communities, hospitals, office parks, public spaces, dormitories, and academic facilities. They have partnered with Avigilon, an industry leader in integrated solutions for video security, access control and critical communications to offer a wide range of cameras to meet every property’s needs.

Using state-of-the-art video surveillance can add the final layer of perimeter security to your site. Contact Resolute Partners to get pricing options for your video system needs today.

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