Energy management and control networks have historically been used to receive data from remote devices and send control instructions back to them. In most cases, the devices do not talk to one another, or exchange only limited amounts of data amongst themselves.

The next step in the evolution of energy management and control networks is to add true interconnectivity between these devices – to make them part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

What an IoT-Enabled Energy Management System Would Look Like

IoT devices have the hardware and software that enable them to function as nodes on the Internet. Devices on an IoT-enabled energy management network can send and receive large quantities of sophisticated data without human involvement. This means they can monitor each other, regulate themselves, send data to a control unit and perform other tasks that keep the network optimized.

A wide range of devices can be linked together in an Internet of Things, including lights, appliances, thermostats, and fixtures. Data from these devices can be used for demand response, analyzing network performance, resolving problems and reducing energy costs. In addition to energy management and control, IoT devices can be applied in security, access control and communications systems.

Campus Energy Management Networks 

Campuses stand to benefit immensely from IoT networks for their energy management and control needs. Corporate, educational and residential campuses typically have discrete HVAC units and a lack of centralized monitoring. Measuring energy usage in individual buildings is often not possible. A wired or wireless network between campus structures would bring quick and cost-efficient connectivity to intelligent devices. It would help energy managers better control power usage and deployment, improve residents’ comfort and lower energy bills.

RESOLUTE Partners has built and managed wired and wireless networks in military campuses for more than 15 years. We connected energy management devices in more than 200 buildings in a U.S. Marine Corps base. We partner with leading control systems providers to present end-to-end solutions to customers.

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